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DNA Portrait Living Room Wall

“Necessity is the mother of discovery,” this very familiar quote teaches us that if there is a need, there is discovery. We human beings live in the 21st century, surrounded by different markable and exceptional findings by some of the great minds that are not less than a boon to humankind.

Almost every person in one or the other way is learning and constantly working to discover something new each day for the need and ease of people. Technology and science also play a crucial role by becoming a helping hand. As said correctly,” technology is the science of craft.” Technology, along with a skillful mind and determined human intention, creates a pathway for discoveries in various scientific fields.

One such most explored field in modern biology (genetics), also known as biotechnology. Ten years ago, the researchers were engaged to find the DNA’s actual structure (molecule of life).

After conducting several experiments, models, and designs, James Watson, Francis Crick, and Maurice Wilkins emerged as Nobel prize winners. They finally concluded that a twisting ladder called a double helix held the structural key. To date, many more genome studies have been carried out by different companies, finding how one DNA pair connects with another and its impact on health, diseases, or ancestry.

But above all, Ottawa-based DNA11 is marking new heights by moving molecules out of the lab and gifting masterpieces by creating them as personalized artwork for your home decors.

But how can one’s DNA be the subject of art?

So, let’s search how DNA11 is revolutionizing the decor industry with personalized wall art.

What DNA11 Is?


DNA 11 is a company that converts your actual DNA sample into personalized artwork. It was founded by Nazim Ahmed and his business partner Adrian Salamunovic in 2005 as a creative endeavor. Their passion and love for science and art resulted in this extraordinary concept. Rather than trying to allure people to buy a stock by showing images of what a person’s genes look like, Nazim and Salamunovic have personalized the experience by giving the customer an option to supply a sample of their DNA.

The purchase process of this unique art done over your genetic code is straightforward and inexpensive. Now, a cheek cell of your DNA can be a piece of art on the wall other than medical purposes.

Now the scientists inside each one of you would question: how do they work with the DNA’s and convert them into art?!

Working Process

DNA11 provides you a swab kit that the customers use to transfer cheek cells or any other samples to a collection card, which has to be then sent back to the company. The different process is continued in the DNA11 lab, located at its global headquarters in Ottawa, Canada.

As soon as they receive your samples, they extract the DNA and begin processing the model by placing it in a machine that replicates the small sequences of DNA with a base image. The sample is processed with eight different makers, which ensures unique canvas art for each customer.

After amplifying the unique DNA bands (so that there could be enough DNA to visualize), separating them according to size with the help of an electric field (to prevent lumping of molecules together), and staining them with UV dye (to highlight the DNA), the company takes a digital image and prints the DNA profile on a canvas. The personalized artwork is packed and delivered to the customers, available in various sizes and colors.

DNA Art by DNA11 lets you create personalized and unique DNA portraits. They offer a limitless range of style, color, frames, and size. The company has numerous pre-configured color options along with a budget-friendly range.

Its unique and customized prints fascinate all their customers. It also provides you an opportunity to add your signature to the canvas as a memory.

It provides multiple color sample swatches and a collection kit containing some easy-to-understand instructions that can help you personalize your art with any color combination you wish and make your decorations and work much easier and handier.

Some Other Interesting Features & Facts of DNA11

The labs used by DNA11 are 100% dedicated to genomics and artwork. It is budget-friendly portraits, either practical or outlandish, ranging from $199 to $1000. The 6-foot-tall DNA waterfall was a custom work by the company worth $25000.

The company’s client list is equally fascinating. They have sequenced heroes, celebrities, and even animals (Bengal tigers, a racehorse, and an iguana). Along with this, they raise funds for charity through their DNA portrait of Elijah Wood. DNA 11’s “Art Factory” shows the product’s reflection, with bright colors and custom artwork that inspire and adore creativity.

Although DNA11 isn’t mining genomes for medical purposes, it is aiding the genomics revolution by making people more knowledgeable and comfortable, and aware of the beauty of their DNA.

They recently moved all processes of production to one space, thereby subsequently reducing the turnaround time. What once used to take four to six weeks can be done now in two days. Their techniques are trying to give the art a new definition and make people understand technology’s power.

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