Do Mouse Repellents Really Work?



Dealing with a small rodent is a problem that has been disturbing humanity for many centuries. Mice spoil food, chomp wiring, things, and books, spread infections, and mark everything with their urine, causing a specific pungent odor. To get rid of rodents isn’t an easy task because an adult mouse in comfortable conditions can give birth to up to a hundred mice per year. Luckily, there are many ways to deal with mice using different repellents. But do they really work?


The centuries-old history of rodent control offers different solutions to this problem. If you found a mouse in the house, there’s a well-known solution. Good old mouse traps with bait are the most widespread and essential way of catching mice. The main disadvantage is that the mousetrap must be checked regularly to change the bait and not miss the moment when you have to throw out the mouse corpse.

Chemicals & Noises

Mice don’t like the smell of chlorine, ammonia, and vinegar. So, people who suffer from mice infestation recommend using it when doing the cleaning. Many also suggest applying boric acid around the mouse burrows so that the animals will leave them. Rodents cannot stand loud noise as well. If you give them a sound attack for several days, they will leave. However, such a method isn’t quite effective, because, first of all, you will cause inconvenience to yourself and your neighbors.

Ultrasonic Repellents

The electrical mouse repellents emit ultrasound that is inaudible to humans but unbearable for rodents. Many experts say that getting rid of mice using an ultrasonic pest repeller tool takes up to a month. It’s quite a long term, and also, such devices have a rather high price.

Cats & Dogs

The smell of cats’ presence is a real nightmare for any mouse. It will make others leave the apartment. If your goal is to get rid of the mice and not get a pet, then a different rodent control method is best.

Professional Extermination

Professional extermination is a guarantee for a 100% effective mice control. If you are afraid of these small pests and do not want to pull their corpses out of traps, you can always entrust the fight against rodents to professionals. Obviously, the pest removing service costs more than using a mouse poison, but you can forget about the problem. When destroying rodents, professionals use different methods:

  • Mechanical: setting traps and mousetraps;
  • Chemical: aeration of the room with deterrent pheromones and drugs to regulate the rodent population.

The most effective method is to mix in several ways.

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