Does Ornate Decor Still Have A Place In The 2022 Landscape?


Silver Kiddush Cups

Ornate décor has long been a sticky point in the world of interior design. Whereas some like it for its exuberant and splendor-driven designs, others would argue that the concept is outdated and tacky.

While it is true that, in some aspects, investing in ornate décor does run the risk of being kitsch, the same can potentially be said of any interior décor. Does one really feel like the modernist movement doesn’t have room for tackiness? If that’s true, then perhaps that person has the same air of arrogance they believe ornate lovers do.

The truth is, even in the 2022 landscape, ornate décor still has a point to prove. If it’s done in the right way, that is.

Being loud for the sake of being loud is never going to end well. Interior designs have the right to be showy. After all, you are the one living inside of those designs. You want to be impressed by them just as much as any guest does. You’re the one who is going to be living there at the end of the day, and no one’s opinion is going to matter as much as yours. That isn’t to say it shouldn’t be tactful, however. Ornate décor should have heart and reason.

Invest In The History

The true perk of ornate décor is that they often bring a wealth of history and stories. They can transcend a simple room into a room that you can feel, smell or hear. The details are often found in abundance, and they can create interesting talking points with friends and family. Any décor that demands attention and conversation is good décor, so long as it’s not a negative. But any negative opinion can be bypassed with strategic placement.

Ornate Décor Should Be Fused Naturally

If you are a fan of ornate décor but don’t know how to integrate it into your interior design, then I recommend bringing it in naturally. In many households today, you will find old tables or traditional cutlery. Because of this, the dining room is a great place to start. There are so many ornate designs that can be integrated into this room, although you must ensure that you are buying ornate décor which is meaningful to you. There are many ways you can honor your family tree or even your faith. If you are Jewish, for instance, there are plenty of ornate designs, from beautiful golden cutlery to silver kiddush cups. All of these can express your faith, but best of all, they will have a natural integration into your dining room. A lavishness that also says something about you.

Use The Landscape To Help Inform Decisions

There are many 2022 design trends that are making their way into the scene. One of these movements is modern traditional, which can be utilized to match your ornate décor with a more modernist and simplistic setting. Achieving a bright contrast between the two designs can be one of the most thrilling things in home design, so put some thought into it. Think about the picture you want to create, and don’t be put off by the 2022 landscape. Instead, use it to inform and inspire your decisions.

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