Does Your Home Need A Water Softener?


Water Softner

Hard water comes with many undesirable effects such as leaving scale and stains on the dishes and plumbing systems, plus your soap won’t foam well. This is because there are magnesium ions and calcium in hard water. A water softener can be a good investment in a home.

Besides, hard water isn’t good for your skin and overall health. If you are in doubt whether or not the water in your home is hard, you can employ any of the tests for hard water. Water softener treats hard water by getting rid of the magnesium ions and calcium.

First, Find out If Your Water is Hard

As noted earlier, there are a number of tests you can carry out to determine if you have hard water or not. Some are easy and DIY tests, while some hard water tests would require expertise.

One of the quick ways to test for water hardness is to use a clear bottle. What you will get by performing this quick test is a very rough estimate. The clear bottle should be able to contain not less than 360 ml or 12 ounces of water or more. Next, scoop water from any source in your home or office into a clear bottle or container.

Get liquid soap and put about ten drops in the bottle containing the water in your home. You may be better off using liquid hand soap for improved accuracy instead of dishwashing detergents — try using castle soap for the best possible outcome. Shake the bottle vigorously after capping it.

Then, look out for suds on the surface of the water. Tons of suds are an indication of very soft water. On the other hand, if you notice soap scum on the surface, and the water looks cloudy and thick, then the water is hard. If you are not satisfied with this quick test, you can go for professional hard water testing.

Treat Hard Water with Water Softener

The fact is, many homes have hard water, but it’s always good to do a hard water test to be sure. Once you detect hardness in your water, do not delay to invest in the water softener, so that you can clear the calcium buildup in your water.

If your dishes are all stained, your plumbing systems are covered with scales, and your skin is reacting to the mineral in your water, a water softener can be a great remedy in these situations. However, you would also need to complement your water softener system with a good filtration system. This way, you will be able to get rid of contaminants such as iron, mercury, lead, heavy metals, and bacteria.

Here are the Highlights of Benefits that Come with Quality Water Softener

  • Cost savings as a result of not embarking on any costly repairs of plumbing systems damaged by hard water
  • Softer skin and cleaner hair since the minerals are no longer present in your water
  • Softer and brighter clothes
  • Cleaner and unstained dishes
  • Also, cleaning will be easier and less time consuming since there are no hard stains to deal with

How to Choose Water Softener?

Selecting a water softer system can be a daunting task, but this section of the post will help you decide accordingly, in terms of water softener size and other considerations. Also, you must check the regulations of your municipality when it comes to water softening systems.

Here are some tips to guide you in choosing the right water softening system for your home;

  • Find out what size is right for you: You should consider the size of your family as well as your property’s size when buying a water softening solution. For example, a home with about two bathrooms may only need a mid-size or small size water softener system. Otherwise, a larger size will be more appropriate for a larger home with more than three bathrooms
  • Consider Real Estate Benefits: Also, if you intend to sell your home sometime, it will be a good investment going for a whole-home water softening system. It will add to the attractiveness and value of your home in the real estate market since your property will have less damages and plumbing system repairs

Finally, you should compare prices, research local regulations, and find out about installation fees. It’s also necessary to research the credibility of the company you intend to purchase a water softener system from. This way, you can tell if you are in for an effective water softener system or not.

 All of these would help form an informed decision on what water softening system is best for your home.

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