Does Your Portable Pool Need A Fence?


In warmer climes, many people start to think about how nice it would be to have their pool in the garden. Of course, not everyone has the funds available to dig a big hole, create the pool, add the cleaning infrastructure, and maintain the pool. The cost can mount up quickly across the year.

It’s not just the colossal volume of water that the average pool takes, you need to maintain the temperature and the cleanliness of the pool. That’s why many people consider smaller, portable pools.

In theory, they are much simpler; you usually inflate the top ring and then fill the pool with water. Alternative style pools will have a frame to hold the water in place, allowing you to fill it with water and jump in.

Even though it is portable, you’ll still need to maintain the water, and look after the pool properly.

But, the one thing that many people overlook is safety around their portable pool.

Because it is temporary, many people assume that it’s okay to set the pool up, use it, and then deflate it again. However, this is not always the case.  The fact is that having a temporary pool doesn’t make it any less likely that a child or even an adult will drown.

The law states that if your portable pool has more than 30cm of water, then it is required to have a safety barrier around it. In practice, this covers most portable pools set up at home.

Choosing Your Fencing

Choosing Your Fencing

If your pool is just set up for the summer then you may feel that a temporary barrier is sufficient; this could be free-standing metal barriers, a stack of pallets, or even your make-shift fence.

But, you’ll need to consider how often you’re going to use the pool and what space is used for the rest of the time.

Portable pools need to be set-up on a flat surface. This means you’re going to need to choose a paved area and add a cushioning matt, or perhaps cover a section of your garden with sand. Although this is relatively straightforward, do you want to repeat the process every year?

A better solution is to create a flat area big enough for your portable pool and some chairs. This can then become your entertaining outdoor area throughout the year; whether the pool is there or not.

Add in some high-quality balustrades, and you’ll have an attractive area that meets all necessary safety requirements, and is useable throughout the year. You’ll also appreciate how much quicker and easier it is to set up your pool every year!

Extra Safety Measures

Swimming Pool Safety Fence

Don’t forget that you should always supervise children when they in or around the pool. You also need to make sure there are no objects that can be climbed by your fence, allowing children access when they shouldn’t be in the pool.

Accidents can happen very quickly; it’s better to have the right safety fence and a locking gate; than to deal with the consequences.

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