Don’t Know What Furniture To Choose? Follow These 5 Simple Steps


Decorate Your Home

When you get the chance to start from scratch and decorate your home, it’s equal parts exciting and intimidating. Where do you start? What color palettes do you use? Is there a theme you prefer, and do you take that theme into the whole house or go room by room?

We get it. It can become overwhelming, and you don’t want to choose the wrong decor, especially when it comes to the big pieces of furniture. Buying a sofa that doesn’t fit in the room well or investing in a “focal piece” that ends up looking gaudy is a big waste of money and effort.

Before you make a costly mistake with your furniture selection, follow these 5 simple steps. You’ll have a fully-furnished house that satisfies your wallet and senses!

  1. Figure Out Your Style

When you walk into a department store, you’re going to see dozens (or more) of trending styles. Be careful about buying trendy things that look cute or are something you just started enjoying. These could be fads, and they aren’t styles you want to invest money in if they aren’t going to be relevant in a year or two.

Visit a few online furniture stores in your area by typing in keywords like Melbourne furniture design. Scroll through the choices they have of furniture you’re shopping for, and write down any that catch your eye. By the time you’ve been through a few dozen sets, you’ll know what you tend to gravitate to style-wise.

  1. Consider Your Uses

An expensive, fancy white leather couch might sound amazing, but is it functional for your home and family? Chances are if you have a dog and/or children, that white isn’t going to stay white long, and keeping the leather from ripping could be more stress than it’s worth.

What about your kitchen table? Do you often entertain enough or have a large enough family to justify an 8-person table? Would a small dinette set be better? Consider functionality before you invest in any furniture.

  1. Measure Your Room First

Starting with the doorway, measure each wall in your room. The doorway is essential because if your furniture can’t fit through it, you’re wasting a lot of time and effort.

After that, decide how you want to place your furniture. Will your bed be in the middle of the far wall or under a window? Is the couch going this way or that way? Where do you want to have tables placed?

Knowing the size of your room and where you want each item to go before you start shopping helps you avoid getting over-or under-sized pieces.

  1. Decide On Your Colors

Although it’s usually the first thing people think about, your color scheme should come after things like style and size. Otherwise, you can jump in and buy something absolutely gorgeous, only to have it not fit in your room.

When choosing your colors, select shades that match the room’s overall atmosphere. For instance, you don’t want to put a sleek, modern metal table in a room full of hardwood floors and wood-slatted walls. Look for colors and materials that blend with the rest of the room.

  1. Take Your Time

Most importantly, take your time and look at multiple options. Stay within your budget, find the colors, sizes, and materials that fit your room, and shop for quality pieces. You’ll want this investment to last, so be sure to be thorough, and don’t buy anything until you’re completely satisfied with it.

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