Door Handles – Know The Multiple Types Before You Purchase

On February 7, 2019 by Himanshu Shah

Doors are an integral part of our house. It is essential that we give equal importance to it as we do for any other part of the house. Most people generically treat their door hardware, not realising the options that are available. Door handles play an inevitable part of door hardware.

Primarily, there are three types of door handles. They are:

  1. Plastic Door Handles

Plastic Door Knobs

Composed of plastic as a raw material, it is a synthetic polymer compound. It is also called macromolecule or polymer. And this plastic is developed by an injection moulding machine.

  1. Wooden Door Handles

Wooden Door Handles

Wood as a material for door handles is hydrophilic and sturdy. Hence, the door handle has immense strength along water permeability.

  1. Rope Door Handles

Rope Door Handle

Here the strands are woven which ensures the surface of the rope gets arranged well. It needs to be created together daily by one or more colours. The materials available here include brown, help, polyester, polypropylene, nylon 8, cotton and many more.

Today, several companies specialise in door hardware and enable you to select the best products at an affordable price. You can browse through Avant-Garde Hardware and other similar names to know more on the product range. Some of the popular door handle variants available are as follows:

  1. The Lever Latch Handle On The Backplate

The Lever Latch Handle On The Backplate

It is a primary door handle on backplanes that we use on doors. You don’t need to lock the handle. Also, you can use it in both dining and living room. It has a lever on the backplate. And when you push it down, you can turn the spindle that in turn passes right through the door. There’s a tubular latch inside a door, which can open the door.

  1. The Lever Handle On The Backplate

The Lever Handle On The Backplate

This door handle has some similarity with the latch model. However, here you will come across a keyhole that is cut out of the backplate beneath the lever to enable the key to enter inside the door to function a sash lock inside the door. And this type of door handle commonly gets used on a patio door or back door, as well as an office door.

  1. Bathroom Door Handle On The Backplate

Bathroom Door Handle On The Backplate

Usually, the bathroom door handle comes with a thumb turn at times which is referred to as the turn as well as release. This door handle is attached to a 5mm spindle that can pass through the door as well as bathroom lock right inside the door, enabling it to get locked as well as unlocked. This type of decorative door handles is usually used on the toilets and bathrooms.

Even though overlooked by many, door hardware is an essential aspect of home decor. Today, the new age designers and manufacturers have taken door hardware to an all new level of aesthetics. You can select from some of the best designs possible that are classy and modern to look at and are also durable and sturdy. All you need to do is understand your requirement and browse through the service providers available online and choose one to partner with.

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