Door Trends To Watch For In 2019


New year, new you? How about the new year, a new home? Well, maybe not a new home, but making a couple of changes here and there can make it feel brand new! Sometimes the smallest things that you may not even think of will make the most significant difference, like the front entrance doorway to your home.

Entry doors are the gateway into your home and an essential part of your overall look and aesthetic. With the new year approaching, new trends are as well. Here are our predictions for entrance door trends for 2019.

Bright Doors

Bright Doors - Exterior Design

If you’re looking to improve your curb appeal, changing your front door color is an easy upgrade. Gorgeous doors have been on the trend radar for years, with new favorable colors emerging every year. This year — bright blue.

From peacock blue to navy blue to pacific blue, this color has become quite popular across the country. Bold and bright blues are vibrant and fun, yet cool tones are soft and inviting. Other popular colors include pastels like yellow, rose, and teal. These peppy palettes are smart alternatives for a homeowner who is tired of a black or taupe door. If you want to upgrade the old doors in your home — why not consider something with a bit more vibrancy?

Doors with Advanced Technology

Doors with Advanced Technology

As technology evolves, so does security. Smart locks are way more than just bolts; many of them work with your smartphone to provide alerts when the door opens and closes, provide temporary digital keys or codes to guests, and can lock and unlock via your smartphone with a mobile app. Smart locks are compatible with systems such as Nest and Alexa for even more adaptability with other smart home features.

Upscale Hardware

Upscale Hardware

As previously mentioned, it’s the little things that can make the most significant impact, and the hardware of your front entrance shouldn’t be overlooked! While you may not have the budget to outfit every door in your house with new handles and hinges, you can update the look of your entry door by merely switching up the hardware finishes.

Matte metals continue to be on-trend, but brass, chrome, and silver are attractive alternatives that can perfectly finish off whatever your design preferences may be. A company like Centennial Windows & Doors uses to handle and lock sets that act as tools that securely lock your door system and allow you to choose from handles, levers, and knobs in a variety of styles and colors.

Energy Efficiency

Boost Your Homes's Energy Efficiency

While it’s not a new trend, 2019 will be yet another year where more and more homeowners are looking for energy-efficient windows and doors. The ENERGY STAR® certification ensures customers that their purchase is meeting the right standard of energy efficiency. It’s estimated that, after switching to an ENERGY STAR® certified window or door, homeowners have decreased their energy bill and carbon footprint by an average of 12%.

Each year, homeowners find new and unique ways to customize their homes. As new trends emerge, it’s important to remember that quality products with a balance of style, function, and energy efficiency should be at the top of your list.

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