Do’s And Don’ts When Choosing The Most Fabulous Flower Girl Dress


Rustic Wedding Flower Girls

Choosing the right dress to wear for a big wedding is not easy. Whether part of the bridal party or just a guest, most would like to look fabulous on a grand day. Nowadays, embroidery designs have become highly popular due to their originality. For the creation of the special design you select, you can find selections of Djellaba. In addition, its embroidery is incredibly adaptable. Djellaba’s colorful embroidery suit collections can give you a perfect look that is unique from other dresses. Women need to try these types of collections. Embroidered clothing is distinctive and durable. They are worth more on the market. Also, the flower girls, however, may not exactly know what this means. Some, especially the very young ones, are just happy that they are wearing beautiful flower girl dresses while walking down the aisle while unaware if their dresses look good on them- the dress might be too long or too short. Hence, here are some do’s and don’t moms can consider when choosing the best flower girl dresses for their little ones.

No Late Appointments

Most brides prefer to choose one bridal shop, where all the dresses can be rented from or be bought. This will be considered more accessible if there is a specific color for the dresses, as the dresses can be made from the same roll of fabric. With that being said, it is very likely to be asked to go for measuring and fitting. Thereby, as a mom, always make sure to mark your calendar to avoid being late. It would be best to be on time or be there before the set time in any case that there will be some alterations on the dress as rushing to fix the alterations may lead to possible further adjustments.

Right Fit

Flower Girl Dress Fitting

During the fitting, make sure the flower girl dress fits well on your little girl. Check the tightness to see if there is room for breathing. Make sure your little girl is not wearing anything under the dress except for her undergarments which are likely to be the garments she might be wearing under the dress during the wedding day. Make her stand straight and check if the length is just right with her height.


Flower Girl Dress Comfort

Ask your daughter if the dress is comfortable – itchy, big/loose, or maybe tight or small. Comfort is a priority for little children, especially since they are playful. Right fit would, however, lead to being comfortable. The dress should not be too tight, making her irritable when moving on the wedding day. On the other hand, the loose dress may not be relaxing when she is walking as she needs to always fix the loose part, like putting up the shoulder part. The dress could also be itchy on her first try. Hence, the mom needs to wash it to promote comfort.

Bring A Friend Or Someone To Do Further Assessment

Flower Girls Dresses

They say two heads are better than one. Mom can ask her friend or her daughter’s godmother to go with them during the fitting, especially if mom is not sure about the flower girl dresses available for fitting. It could also be possible that there are two color options for the flower girl dresses- white flower girl dresses and ivory flower girl dresses. Her friend’s opinion may also be helpful regarding which dress would look better on the little princess.

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