Drain Scoping Repair

On March 20, 2018 by Preeti Shah

Drain pipes are located under the ground or inside walls so it’s difficult to access damage if they become clogged. Fortunately, technological advancements have made it possible for plumbers to inspect drains without digging into the ground or breaking down walls. Professionals can carry out a sewer drain video inspection to understand the extent of the damage. 

Cost Of Drain Camera Inspection

Drain Camera Inspection
The cost of a sewer drain video inspection depends on the size of the area and the time taken. Some plumbers offer this service for free if clients book a drain replacement or repair service. Reliable plumbing companies will give clients a detailed quote that includes all expenses.

Most inspections cost around $90 to $120. These costs will rise if plumbers encounter complications or have to search a large plumbing system. Most companies will charge an additional call out fee for urgent requests. It’s a good idea to call ahead of time to understand the costs involved. 

Drain Pipe Camera

Drain Pipe Camera
A drain camera is a specially designed piece of video equipment. it comprises a small camera lens at the tip of a long and strong cable. This camera can film accurately in low light conditions, especially if it is in clear water. The video quality is poor in muddy water so the plumber might drain the pipe before inserting a camera into it. Sewer cameras can be used in drains 2” in diameter and above. It won’t fit in very narrow drain pipes. 

Drain Camera Rental – The Process

Drain Scoping Repair
Some plumbers provide instructions on what to do before the drain inspection appointment. They might recommend not using the drain to ensure it’s somewhat clear during the inspection. This will give the debris and water within the drain some time to settle, ensuring the camera’s path is relatively clear. During the sewer drain video inspection,plumbers will:

  • Find an access point closest to the clogged drain.
  • Insert a drain snake into the pipe to clear all debris or obstacles.
  • Sent a drain camera in after the snake has cleared the path.
  • Assess the video feed carefully.

After our plumbers have finished assessing the inspection video, they’ll recommend repairs or replacements. Reliable companies will also provide detailed quotes to help you understand the replacement costs.

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