Dream Nursery For Your Baby


Congratulations to all expecting moms and moms who have had their babies and plan to make a dream nursery for their babies.

Beautiful pink room ideas for baby

It is noticed in birds when they are expecting a baby, they build a nest, and that is where the saying goes that you have to feather the nest when you are expecting or once you have had your baby, that is doing your baby a room.

The creation of a baby’s room is one of the pleasures and joys of parenthood. To some parents, this can be a time to splurge, while some like to do it keeping a budget in mind. But a suggestion is to do a baby nursery in such a manner that things will last. The furniture, décor, accessories, etc., must be done within budget.

Cool baby nursery design ideas

Here are some tips to make a dream nursery for your baby on a budget


Form a vision and, as per that design and décor of your room. But in vision incorporate nursery closets for toys, books, and clothes.

You can find many bookshelves, kids’ tables, and chairs at the sale or flea market and repaint them in the same color such that you have a nursery like you dream of.

Twin boy girl nursery decorating ideas

Always be practical, that is, plan a room that will last through childhood. Avoid getting too much small baby feel. Don’t just go for light blue and light pink shades. Those small bunny wallpapers you put will be history once the kid is 2 or 3 years.

Never Opt For Carpeting In Kid’S Room:

Natural baby room ideas

Always go for hard floors such as wood, tiles, and marbles in the kid’s room as it is easier to clean and doesn’t harbor allergies, which are essential things to take care of.


Have baby essentials at convenient locations. You must not walk away from the infant to get any supplies needed. And have a rocking chair in the room that has soft seats and arm cushion for inevitable late-night feeding. Give yourself also some storage space.


Nursery room decorating ideas for boys

Colors are what babies see even before they see the form. Colors affect babies from the time of birth. They get attracted to bright and moving colors. Use a pretty green color, warm pink, light blue, yellow, and all colors and not give a monochromatic blue or pink look. The colors must be smooth and soft.

Safety Measures:

Nursery, as well as the home, must be safe for the baby such that nothing can hurt the baby. Secure your home as well as a nursery. Think safety before good looks of home and nursery.

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    We love your website. Thank you for sharing. And we love the wall decoration where there is a giraffe with few other animals on top. Do you have any ideas if there are wall stickers? And if so, do you know where we could bye them? The theme of our kids room is the ‘zoo’ and it would fit so perfect inside it 😉

    Thank you so much in advance for your reply.

    Best regards,

    • Hey Brat,

      Thanks for the compliment, just read our latest article http://mydecorative.com/?p=4386 for Wall Art Décor Ideas for Kid’s Room


      • Thank you! So you have no idea where the decals come from on the picture? 🙂 We didn’t find any reference….
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