Drishti Ganesha for Entrance to Home

On September 24, 2013 by Vishal Bhanushali

Lord Ganesha Idol in Entrance

Lord Ganesha is one of the Favorite Gods of the Hindu Society. Idols of Ganeshas are used as a décor item in the home, but they are significant when done in proper placement. Here are a few things to take care of when placing Drishti Ganesha or Ganpati:

Drishti Ganesha is for warding off the evil eye and brings prosperity to the home.

Lord Ganesha Idol

When placing Ganesha at the entrance, remember it must be placed with a pair with one Ganesh looking inward in the home. It is better to have back to back on both sides.

Ganesha is accompanied by Prosperity and Knowledge that is Riddhi and Siddhi.

Back of the Ganesha must not be facing towards any other rooms. The back must be towards the exterior of the home. This is because it is believed that poverty residing at the Ganeshas back.

Drishti Ganesh

Ganesha at the entrance must be placed on top of a house entrance; it deflects all negative energies.

In case you have the wrong position of entrance placing Ganesha idol on top will remove Vastu defects.

The pairing of the Ganeshas is done to avoid financial disputes.

Lord Ganesha, who is the remover of obstacles, is worshiped before starting new activities. Lord Ganesha brings prosperity and deflects evil. People who want to ward off the evil prying need to place Drishti Ganesha, and it’s sure to benefit you with auspiciousness and prosperity.

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  • Hi,
    Can you let me know where to find the similar kind of Drishti Ganesha Idols, as the ones you put on either sides of your door.

  • Hi,

    if you are looking for drishti Ganesha idol or any kind of god idols you can visit to craftvatika.com

  • I find polyresin or black metal Dhrishti Ganeshas. Is it ok to paint them black since they still have a goldish tint?

  • I am a christian. I can’t keep ganapathy. For dhrishty which one I should keep

  • I have a vinayaka picture .. There is already one in my house . This is the second one . Can I keep it or you should not Keep two Ganesh pictures in home?
    I go this silk embroidered Ganesh from Cambodia looks like drishiti Ganesh .
    Which direction is the best ?!
    Can I keep two Ganesh picture in the same house ?! Or the same room ?
    Which is the best direction to keep …

  • Dear Sir,
    My entrance is south facing. Can I place pair of Ganesh ji on Out and in side of door top ?
    Abhijit de

  • suggestions for Sri Ganesh photo at entrance door

  • Please let me know if I could place Ganesh statue opposite my entrance facing the entrance

  • Where can I buy this Drishti Ganapathy to put on TOP of my entrance to the house.

  • Can you please let us know, if we can place a disthi ganesh photo at the entrance of a west facing flat?

  • Dear Sir,
    My entrance door is on the South corner of South West facing the East corner of North East. So please guide me the apt place to keep the idol. Right now I have placed it on the South West wall of our living room facing North East.

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