Durability: Why Quartz Counters Are Best For Homes With Kids


Quartz Counter

When you’re a responsible homeowner and renovator, you know that style and design choices can affect the value of your home. Selecting countertops for your kitchen renovation is no different. Quartz is hands-down the best option for families with kids running around. Read on to learn why quartz countertops are so great for households with tons of activity.

  1. Variety Of Styles And Patterns

It’s important to keep your kids in mind when choosing your countertop material, but you should also be able to enjoy your decision! Quartz stone comes in a wide variety of colours and patterns. You deserve the optimal design for your kitchen. You want it to match your aesthetic style and be welcoming to guests. Any business that offers the installation of quartz countertops should have a wide selection of quartz patterns and styles from which to choose. It doesn’t matter if you want lighter or darker shades of counters.

  1. Long-Term Durability Of Quartz Counters

Quartz manufacturers usually guarantee a lifetime of 10-15 years for quartz countertops. That might be as long as some of your older kids will still be living with you! Quartz is durable and sturdy, so that it won’t get damaged easily. You can expect your countertops to last even longer than that if they are installed well. As you know, durability prevents damage and the future need for repairs. You deserve to trust that your countertops are kid-proof and, therefore, damage-proof.

  1. Nonporous Surfaces To Resist Stains

Another way that quartz counters are tough is their lack of porosity. Quartz is a completely nonporous material and can’t be penetrated, so when your kids spill or make a mess, there’s nothing for you to worry about other than cleaning it up. However, some of the other stone materials used for kitchen counters cannot boast the same quality because they need consistent maintenance and applications of sealant to prevent long-term stains.

  1. Easy To Clean And Low Maintenance

Quartz is easy to clean, and the material’s nonporous quality means it won’t absorb liquids. You’ll be happy with your quartz counters because keeping them in shape requires little effort compared to other stone countertops you might be considering. Considering how durable quartz is, the quality will last for a long time without too much of your effort to keep it that way.

  1. Quartz Camouflages Spills And Messes

If you’ve checked out the many patterns and styles of quartz countertops, you might have noticed that most of them are speckled. That’s because if your kids spill something on them, it won’t be immediately noticeable. In addition, quartz countertops come in a variety of patterns, so even if your child makes a mess on one, it will blend in with the rest of the countertop’s pattern.

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