Dust In Check It Out!


Maid Cleaning

If you think dusting the home is a losing battle then here are few tricks which keep the dust from coming back quickly. Avoid some mistakes that you do, and you will have the dust-free home.

Dusting is like a never-ending task, you whisk it and not even a week you have dust-covered furniture. There is no way that you can get rid of the dust entirely, but there are mistakes to be avoided and tricks to be used to keep the space cleaner for a longer time.Dusting

Dusting the place with a feather duster and you are inviting trouble. This spread the dust from one surface to another. Ouch! Select a microfiber duster or available in the market are electrostatic dusters which grab the dirt and hold onto it. Ensure you keep these dusters clean by washing them and replacing it when too dirty.

AC Cleaning

The vents of the air conditioning and heating are the dragons which blowup dust when it’s put on. The air passing through it brings the dirt back into your home. Invisible grilles on walls and ceilings are the dust magnet. Ensure you clean them which vacuum’s soft brush attachment.

Microfiber Dusters

When the dust is dry, it quickly becomes airborne and becomes hard to remove — Spritz microfibers dusters with dusting spray for better cleaning and results.

Spray polishing directly on the furniture will give a disaster effect as it is risk forming of filmy build-up, which is very difficult to remove as well as attracts more dust. That is why spray-on duster or cloth and then pass it on the surface to clean it. After dust buff again and then clean with a towel to remove any polish residue.

Change the vacuum filters as when the manufacturer recommends and when too dirty. The vacuum filters are for collecting the fine dust, and if it gets clogged, it can spray back the dust in the air which will settle back on the furniture, and you shall think Dust again!


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