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Thread ball lamp modren interiors

Moving to a new unfurnished apartment can be very stressful and expensive when you are on a low budget. As a student, just recently I had that experience and believe me, it’s not fun at all. Anyway, somehow I managed to furnish my apartment. However, there was something bothering me so much, the pendant lights. Lamps were something I could not afford. Suddenly my light bulb lightened! Origami lamps!

Thread Ball Lamp

I went online and there were so many beautiful designs and DIY-s to could choose from. I choose to do a thread ball lamp because it was, very beautiful, easy to do and cheap. I went and bought some of the required stuff that I did not have at hand and begun making it. It turned out so amazing and stylish that I decided to share with you how I made it.

You will need:
250 of yarn – the color you like or it goes with your interior (I choose white)
A yoga ball
Household plastic wrap
Wallpaper glue
Wire cutter

This project will get messy, so before you start make sure your floor is protected or do it in a place you don’t mind getting dirty.

Step 1. Soak the thread roll into the bucket with wallpaper glue. Drill a hole in the bucket lid, put the thread into the hole and close the lid.

Step 2. Wrap your yoga ball with the household plastic wrap. This way your thread will not stick to the ball.

Step 3. Wrap the thread around the ball. Make sure you leave a circle shape on top of the ball.

Step 4. Cut a piece of wire and thread it around the circle shape on top of the ball.

Step 5. Wait one day before the thread is dry (I waited for one day, but check it and make sure it is well dried before you continue).

Step 6. Cut the thread around the wire from inside.

Step 7. Deflate the ball and carefully remove it through the hole.

Step 8. Use small pieces of thread to secure the circle to the thread ball and hang it on the pendant light. 

Enjoy your beautiful lamp!


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