Easy and Cheap Decorating Tips for your Rental Home


Just because you are renting a property does not mean that you should not be able to make it feel your own. Whether you are planning to rent for a short period or longer, there are plenty of decorating tips you can adopt to make your rented space work for your needs and your comfort. Of course, you cannot start extensive restructuring as you will lose your security deposit, but the following actions are all permissible:

De-Clutter Storage Spaces

Living Room Decor

You cannot build custom cupboards and wardrobes without the consent of your landlord. However, storage is essential to any tenant, and it is possible to purchase some fantastic bookcases and cupboards from almost any high street store. This is a perfect way to place your stamp on a property.


Neutral Colors Paint

Providing you stick to fairly neutral colors you will be able to spice up your abode by giving it a fresh coat of paint. A contemporary pale blue can highlight white moldings and ceilings perfectly.

Window Coverings

Elegant Window Coverings

Curtains can add essential warmth to any room, but, they can also make a room look taller.  Curtains should be hung high above the window and kept in thin, vertical lines to create the illusion of height. If your home has vertical blinds, they should be replaced as they will add hospital room flair to your home. Roman blinds can make an excellent feature in any room and help insulate in the same way a curtain does. It is essential to keep the old blinds as you will need to replace them when you move on!

Wallpaper And Wall Coverings

Wallpaper For Wall Decor

You cannot repaper the walls; it will ruin the walls and cost you your deposit. However, peel and stick wallpaper can be used on kitchen cupboards to create your own unique space. They will peel off without damaging the cupboard when you are ready to move on. Instead of the traditional pictures on the wall, look for items which are personal to your tastes.  Huge old maps, educational posters, or even bus signage can be easily hung and completely transform your space.

Every Corner Counts

Kitchen Cupboard

Every aspect of the room should have your mark placed on it, a corner cupboard in the hallway can be personalized with your favorite ornamental collection or even stuffed teddies. Anything which marks the property as yours will do!

Built-In Features

Decorative Wall Mirror

Not every built-in feature will be to your taste, but nothing is stopping you from tastefully covering them. Mirrors can easily be covered with pictures or even the peel on/off the wallpaper. A landscape picture can make any built-in feature look like a painting.

Painting Tape

Painting Tape

Painting tape can be used to create a variety of effects and is removable, without damaging the wall. Diagonal strips will highlight a feature and keep the room grounded at the same time.

Lining Your Cupboards

Lining Your Cupboards

This is for comfort as opposed to style. Lining all your cupboards will mask any stains or chips and keep your kitchen looking clean. It will also prevent you from damaging the cupboards any further and losing your deposit.

Accessorize But Try Not To Go Overboard

Colorful Cushions

You do not want your home to feel cluttered, but it takes minimal effort to add some colorful throws, cushions and even rugs. Alongside this look for ornaments which help to express your personality, also if this is a bowl of marbles. All these items add color, warmth, and personality to your home.



A ceiling light can be replaced with our own choice of the lampshade, again keep the original. You can also add up-lighters and table lamps to create warm spaces and darker corners; perfect for creating the right atmosphere for any occasion.

Plants And Flower Pots

Plants And Flower Pots

A few green leaves inside your home can make you feel like you are outside, this is particularly nice if you have no garden or are stuck in the house during the cold, wet spells during the winter.

Any rental home can be and should be, made to feel like your own. Make the most of your space, and enjoy your time in your home. If you feel comfortable in that house then future tenants will also enjoy it.

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