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Home is the place we all look forward to having and once we get one of our own. We want it to be how we always imagined, and we want it to be perfect. There are options to take what is currently there and change it or add something new. How big of a change, the cost, and where is just starting the modifications to think about.

Taking current conditions and adding or adjusting them now can improve the lifestyles of the family. There may have been to a house that may have been a family home, but now the kids are grown-up and gone. Maybe change the setting to make it more of a couple’s home from a family home now that they have left.

A home for the starting of a family may have been purchased and need changes. Maybe there is a recent addition on the way. Changing a room from what it used to be into something more useful today is a change that can be made for a happier household.

A house can have a space that it is known to need to have the remodeling done to it. However, the owner doesn’t know where to start? Changes and additions can be made to improve the current space, or the improvement is possible to make the home larger and easier to live in. Here are some options to think about.

Additional Bedroom


One of the most common and necessary home additions that will make life more pleasant is another bedroom. It can be as simple as splitting on large toom into two. Many different home locations can be considered for another bedroom like the attic, basement, or even the garage.

Electric Fireplace

Fireplaces can make a room seem a little more old-fashioned and romantic. An expensive way to add one to a home is an electric fireplace heater. There are inexpensive packages that can be purchased to add a slim fireplace to a room with remote control, flame settings, and even a timer.


A bump-out is an extension on a room without additional foundry. They are common to be used for bay windows for natural light to be added to beautify living rooms. They do not require foundations and make the room appear to be much larger on the inside, even if they do not appear much bigger from the outside.

Create A Walk-In Closet

Walk-In Closet

Take that room that was the kid’s room and then was a spare for a while. Make a complete change to it. It doesn’t have to remain a room to split it up and make a couple of walk-in closets and storage space for the remaining rooms. Shelves, hangers, and mirrors can be added for the luxury of personalization and convenience.



They are the most needed, neglected, and one of the most expensive rooms to modify. However, they can be made to be more than just a clean-up room. They can be made to be a sauna, luxury jacuzzi, or just a bathroom rearranged with new fixtures and better locations of all the plumbing lines.


If an addition is desired but does not like the bump-out structure, look at the basement. They are great for an entertainment area for tv, conversations, and games, another bedroom, an exercise room, or just a home theater area, basements. Basements are less expensive to homeowners than home additions.



If you have a garage, maybe a second floor above, that is a possibility. They are great to add another room for the guest to stay in, use for an apartment studio, business office, playroom, or just a general storage area. Some garages can even be made into small apartments for family visits while still giving privacy.

Carport Transitions

Carports are great to keep vehicles sheltered, but they’re not much to look at. It is less expensive to transition it to a porch, living room, media room, or even another bedroom because it already has a foundation poured and a roof. This even leaves the option of deciding how many windows to have installed for beautiful scenery.


This area, although it may seem confined, has options. This space can be made into additional bedrooms, office space, or even workout centers. These dormers often contain windows for a cope cod-style media room.

Second Story

A home can start perfect in the beginning, but when the family starts to grow, the house needs to grow too. A second story can be added, but it is one of the most expensive projects. There are many rules, regulations, and safety inspections that have to be passed before the construction can be known to be allowed, legal, and safe.



A deck is a great do-it-yourself project. They can be left open for sunshine or a roofed structure with awnings and canopies for shade. They are another great place for dinner to be served or to enjoy the pleasant weather.


During pleasant weather, a porch can be a great place to sit and enjoy the weather. However, when looking for a minor improvement, how about a mudroom or vestibule? Enclosing a front porch is a great location for muddy shoes, wet snow boots and can be designed to hang coats, hats, and school and sports bags.

Making Your House A Home

Make Your House A Home

A house can be the place to raise a family. However, there are so many easy options available to make the house a home. These options can be small, subtle changes that are only seen on the inside or large visible changes to everyone.

There are a lot of different types of additions that can be made to a house. These additions can be made to improve the lifestyle of the owner or to assist with the visitors. Making a house more of a home is possible; make some additions to add a little personalization.

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