Easy Steps To Replace Your Garage Door Panel


A garage is an essential part of your house. It protects one of your houses. It is vast and opens by hand or with an electric motor. Damage to garage doors can occur in various ways, by hitting with your cars or bicycle. You do not always have to change the garage door in case of damage to the body.

Instead, a garage door replacement is the best option, and you may be able to do it by yourself or by professionals. Bob’s Advance Garage Doors has been in business for many years, providing you with excellent services.

They can handle all types of panel replacement and repair and maintenance, equipment, and install new doors and systems of your house. These types of problems are also taken care of by garage door repair Cumming.

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Here Is A Guide To Help You Understand How To Replace A Panel:

All garage doors have at least four panels and six or more. These panels use the length of the door horizontally and are connected by hinges that allow them to bend in the corner of your garage.


  1. Measure The Door Panel – You need to measure the length of the panel from end to end. Estimates should be whale numbers. You will need to measure the height also. The average sizes are 18, 21, and 24. Lastly, you need to measure the thickness of your panel.
  1. Get The Brand Name – Most producers place a sticker on one side of the bottom or top panel where the rollers meet the track. Your sticker will include the brand name, panel style, color, serial number, and rating. It should also have a phone number or website to call or visit for parts.
  1. Removing The Damaged Panel – Once you have purchased a garage door replacement panel, you can start by removing your garage door opener for safety reasons. You will need a hoist to attach the top of the garage door track to one end. The other end of the hoist is attached to the hook above the damaged panel.

Find the wires connecting the brackets between panels and secure the wires to the drums with a vise grip. There are two wires per door.

Lift the garage door around 4 inches using a hoist and use 2×4, brick, or other sound material to support the door’s weight when removing the panels. You can now release the hinge panel from the top panel. Start outside and straight in the middle. If you change the panel below, you can remove the damaged panel and set it aside.

When replacing a middle panel, you must remove the hinge bolts holding the damaged panel from the panel below it.

Once you have removed these bolts, you need to use a hoist to leave the upper part away from the broken panel before you lift it free and set it aside.

Garage Door Panel

  1. Install A New PanelTake a new panel and place it in the tracks, lowering it into the panel below it. Lower the upper part of the door to the new panel using a hoist and reattach the hinge bolts. You can use vice grips to secure the panel to the tracks on any side to keep it in place while reattaching the hinge bolts to the bottom panel.
  1. Inspected The Door – After finishing, remove the grips items, attach the door and lift the door. You see that your hinges bend correctly and that the panel is the same size as the others.
  1. Garage door repair Symrna never takes any charge to come to inspect your garage door. It is wise to find the best resources for garage door repair Smyrna services. They have proved excellence in providing professional examinations is free of cost.

Nowadays, garage door repair Cumming is not old-fashioned and will help ensure that your garage door works properly. Not only this, Garage Door Repair Cumming is available 24 hours.

How Much Did It Cost?

The  COST depends on the quality and type of material you want to use .usually the cost is less than $200.


When it comes to garage replacement of garage door, then garage door repair Smyrna is the best in business.

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  1. Thanks for the reminder that proper measurements should be taken first when planning to get garage door panel replaced. I want to look for a garage door repair service soon because mine has been malfunctioning lately. Most days, I just opt to open and close it manually.



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