Easy Tips For Decorating Your Bedroom

On July 31, 2018 by Preeti Shah

Your bedroom is your hideaway from the busy and noisy world; it, therefore, should be a sanctuary that exhibits your collections, colours and even feelings.

If you are looking to turn your bedroom into a romantic retreat, then you will love our list of sophisticated small decorating techniques, bedroom ideas as well as smart storage. 

Go With Soothing Shades

Bedroom Interior Design
Rather than bold primary colours, choose subtle tones and a refreshing flavor of monochromatic hues. While at this, you should bear in mind the colour theory: soft shades of lavender, green or blue are known to be calm and serene, whereas rich jewel-tones help set the mood of comfort and cosiness. The latter might include topaz, deep pomegranate or toasty browns. The golden rule is to go for a toned-down variation of your colour of choice – which might translate to pumpkin in the place of tangerine or mauve in the place of eggplant. 

Add In Luxury Beddings

Luxury Beddings
Nothing adds more comfort and class like beautiful linens; that is why you need them to outfit your bedroom. Do your research regarding thread counts and quality linens to ensure you get value for money. Get a set of duvet covers, sheets, and pillowcases for a perfect look. Bring out the best in your room by integrating a range of textures across the room – like a cashmere throw or soft mohair for the arms of your reading chair, textured or silk wall coverings, silk bed canopy, silk draperies or even plush coverings for the floor. But do not forget to have the right mattress for better sleep. Click here for more insights into mattresses. 

Find Fitting Furniture

Fitting Furniture For Bedroom
You do not want a piece of furniture that is too big as it will fill up to entire space and make the bedroom to look congested, but at the same time, you do not want a piece that is too small as it will seem lost in the room. A great idea would be to measure your space before you set out to buy furniture. Avoid large, massive bed and dresser if you have a small room. For larger areas, you can incorporate a sitting piece at the end of the bed, or even an ottoman.  

Have Plenty Of Storage

Plenty Of Storage
Storage is an integral part of every bedroom – without one, the organisation would be difficult. For a serene, calm and roomy bedroom, try incorporating a large bedside table with drawers where you can store your reading glasses, lotion and books – out of sight, but within reach. Other storage options may include storage bench to keep extra blankets, sheets, and pillows; headboard with built-in sliding panels or shelves for storing accessories and books; a tailor-made organisation system for optimal utilisation of closet space. 

Several Lighting Options

Several Lighting Options
It is always an excellent choice to include a range of lighting options across your bedroom – you can have the ambient lighting for the entire room, accent lamps for illuminating the walls and small lamps for reading, writing and other activities.

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