Easy Ways to Décor Your Wall


If you have a plain wall which is giving you a ghostly stare it means it is time to decorate that wall well. A blank wall is calling you to make it your funkiest area of the home.

Well not think and look no more at the blank wall. Get down to business of decorating it with some very easy ideas and make that wall your own canvas and as favorite part of the home.

Here are tips on how you can get decorating the blank wall:

Horizontal Stripes Paint

Paint it:Funky Wall

If you have been having blank wall in some bore color then get it bright and cheerful. Just paint the wall in the way you like. Think of single shades, or make it in dual tone, get horizontal stripes or vertical stripes. Patterns are amazing way to get going.

Hang painting:

Canvas Art

Hang paintings made by your or your kids or any artist you like. Get a personalized painting such as keeping with the theme of the room.


Wallpaper For Wall Decor

Well wallpapers are in, and they are cost effective as they are not that costly and you can do them yourself on the walls. Choose colorful wallpapers, have funky prints on wallpaper, prints which are in vogue, this will add fashion to your walls. Adding wallpapers have benefits such as they are able hide the cracks, and blots on walls.


Round Plates Wall Decor

Well yes you can even hand old and exotic round plates, and hang them in an out of box way.

Add funky clock:

Funky Clock

Buy some funky or may be a classy wall clock which shows of your personality as well.

Photo collage:

Photo Collage

Make a photo collage of that wall by hanging many of the photographs on the wall. Trust me this is best way to décor your wall as you will love staring on that wall which has photos of your best memories.

You can get creative:

Origami Creative Art

If you have any creative art in you use that such as of origami, hand knitting, crafts, paper quilling, and use these to lift your wall and make it lively.


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