Easy Ways To Decorate Your Windows This Holiday Season


Window Decorations For Holiday Season

With the holiday season around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about decorating your home. Whether your family already has whole boxes full of decorations, you’re just about to look for more in the nearby shop, or you plan on taking a DIY approach this year – we’ve prepared our list of easy but very effective window decor ideas to try out!

  1. Decorate The Window Sill

When it comes to decorating your home, window sills offer a lot of possibilities. Unfortunately, many people completely ignore all that available surface and leave it unused. If you’re one of them, try changing this attitude this season – you can use candles, holiday trinkets, and Christmas plants as a decoration, but you can use your imagination to come up with your own ideas as well! This option works especially well with tilt and turns windows because you can still open your window to ventilate the room without taking down the decorations.

  1. Add Beautiful Garlands

There aren’t many things that can create a festive atmosphere as quickly and effectively as beautiful garlands. You can hang a strand of garland on the frame of your window, drape it around the window frame or place it on the window sill, or, if you’re trying to achieve a very decorative effect, you can combine more than one of these ideas! And remember that not all garlands are the same – you can use evergreen garlands for a more natural look, but you can also decorate them with Christmas lights or Christmas ornaments, and you can even use Christmas cards to create your own garland.

  1. Make Your Windows Unique With Lights

Christmas lights can create a truly stunning effect draped around your tree, but you can use them to decorate other parts of the house as well – plus, you don’t really have to limit their use solely to the holiday season. They can easily be combined with other types of decorations like, for example, garlands, but even without any additional ornaments hanging lights on your window frames will make them look very festive and decorative. One of the biggest benefits of this option is that it’s very subtle, and you can easily turn it on and off depending on your needs.

  1. Decorate The Glass

While attaching decorations to the window frame or placing them on the window sill is great, it’s worth pointing out that these aren’t the only options. You can also decorate the glass of the window itself! There are many ways to do it – you can use decals. Still, you can also cut out paper ornaments to attach to your window, buy decorative window clings that are both easy to stick to the glass but also to remove, or you can buy snow spray and use it to create any pattern you want!

  1. Let Your Interior Decor Be Visible

Sometimes it’s not as much about decorating the windows as about letting your decor be visible through them. What does it mean? Well, for example, placing a beautifully decorated Christmas tree right in front of the window – this way, once you turn the lights on, it’ll be perfectly visible from the outside, looking like a beautifully festive picture framed by your window. Similarly, you can hang more festive curtains to decorate your windows without actually using any additional ornaments!

Decorating your windows doesn’t have to be difficult nor time-consuming. Use your imagination and creativity, or go with the ideas listed above to easily bring festive cheer into your home!

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