Easy Ways to Install Air Conditioner System for Your Home


You have planned to get an air conditioner installed in your home, and you have also chosen between the different air conditioners available in the market. The next big step is to have some information on the installation of this and how to plan this out. When you opt for air conditioner installation, then you need to measure the area of the room, along with the height of the window, especially if you want to install a window air conditioner. Besides cooling the room, you have air conditioners which are perfect as air humidifiers, easy to operate and some of them also have mosquitoes’ repellents. You can say, in today’s times an air conditioner works out an ideal investment.

Installation of an Air Conditioner

Air Conditioner Installation
Before you think of the above, you need to make a choice between the different air conditioners available in the market, like the portable air conditioners, window air conditioners or split air conditioners. Of the three mentioned, split air conditioners seem to be the most popular choice.

Size of the Unit

This is an essential decision you need to make before you plan on an air conditioning unit. As you know, air conditioners need to have enough and more power to cool the whole house, but not too much as this will cause the unit to cycle many times which will be wasting of energy and also be tough for the unit. It is advisable to take assistance from a technician who is well trained and experienced.

Add Whistles and Belts

You can think of an additional heat pump which can heat and cool, thus saving on finances. The air conditioners available these days with the latest technology perform both the functions. You can plan on a zone system also.

A Unit with Efficiency

Air Conditioner Installations
Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio or the SEER is the unit used for measuring the efficiency of an air conditioner. The system works more efficiently with a higher rating. It is wise not to overlook this as you will be saving on the energy bills.

Steps for the Installation of the Air Conditioner

Knowing the steps which are taken to install the air conditioner can ensure that the work is being done correctly. The first step here is the position of the evaporator or the blower. After the mounting of the bracket and the location of the compressor unit is decided upon, a wall penetration is made for the water condensate line and the refrigeration lines. The excess tubing then needs to be cut once the lines are secure and tight. After this, the vacuum pump needs to be connected to the compressor’s port, and the valve of the low-pressure gauge needs to be opened. The hose for low pressure is on the compressor and the yellow hose to the vacuum pump. For 30 minutes a vacuum pull is required for the evacuation of water vapour. The mechanical connections need to be razed with a solder.

Choosing a Professional

The steps mentioned above were the initial steps for installation, but it is always advisable to opt for professional to do this job, as this can be a little complicated for a layman. Look for experienced technicians who are well reputed and have been dealing in the installation of air conditioners for a long time. This can assure you of a perfect job done with precision and neatness.

There are multiple ways in which you can enhance the efficiency of an air conditioning system by choosing different brands and comparing their prices to select the best system, and at the same time, it is also important that you know the installation and the maintenance mechanisms to get the best prices for your air conditioning system.

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