Easy Ways to Make Your Small Kitchen Feel Bigger

On September 26, 2013 by Mamta

Kitchen Design Ideas

Designing a kitchen is never an easy job for people with in possession with minimum space at their expense. Eat in kitchens, or more colloquially termed as built in kitchens, are in vogue these days. Combine the Cooking area with the eating one seems to be the best option these days, owing to the minimal amount of space available. Functional as dining room as well as the kitchen, they enhance pulchritude of the house.

Kitchen Ideas for Small Apartments

Reflective surfaces are also very beneficial when it comes to making your kitchen look bigger. Placement of mirrors or any other reflective surfaces will help in the reflection of light and present the illusion of having a larger and more illuminated space. One good way of using reflective surfaces in your kitchen is to coat the table and chairs, or any other furniture available, with shiny, reflective material. Flooring of the kitchen can be done by using shiny, polished wood which again will help the light source to reflect and make the room bigger and brighter.

Kitchens Ideas Modern Designers

In case of low budget, you can always old and repeated method of painting your kitchen so that it would look more bigger and brighter. However, always try to opt for brighter colors as it ascertains cooler attitude. Lights also make a difference and hence proper application of lights is also very important. Colorful lights along with accessories, the one that won’t acquire your entire would also be of great help.

Sleek Modern Lighting Kitchen

Stuff like, welcome mats and utensils cabinet should be placed in a certain corner so that it won’t seem to be hanging over your head. Apart from this, you can always go for retiling so that it would reflect the light emitted from the light source and make the kitchen look spacious. White tiles are most conveniently preferable. It will make your kitchen look bright as well as capacious. Lights bounce from these shiny sufaces making the space roomier. Also, consider having cabinets with front mirror so that again the same logic of reflection could be applied. Refrain from using huge furniture and stick to pretty, small ones.

Small White and Wood Kitchen Beautiful Kitchens

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  • The pinkish hue looks pretty impressive and its going well with that kitchen setup. Actually, the involving design is just so impeccable, that any colour combination would look good in it.

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