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Carpet Cleaning

Carpets act like giant filters that trap dust, dirt, and allergens. Consequently, you must clean them regularly, so they do not become home to mildew, pests, fungi, and other allergens. These allergens can affect the air quality in your home. However, the conventional method of cleaning your carpet using chemical products can be toxic to people and pets and bad for the environment.

The next best alternative is to use eco-friendly carpet cleaning techniques. These are tested and tried methods that even the expert carpet cleaners would advise to use them. They ensure that your carpet remains clean and fresh without adversely affecting the environment. As you will discover, these methods leave less chemical residue on your carpet, which makes them such a healthy and safe choice. Some of these eco-friendly carpet cleaning techniques include:

  1. Good Old Vacuuming

Although it is commonly said that vacuuming is not effective as a long-term carpet cleaning solution, it still gets the job of taking care of the dust and dirt on the surface of the carpet fabric. It also has no negative adverse effects on the environment. In addition, vacuuming regularly will reduce how often you have to use other cleaning techniques.

  1. Hot Water Extraction Cleaning

This method is also known as steam cleaning. But the fancy name asides, hot water extraction involves using hot water to clean your carpet. The hot water at high pressure allows it to infiltrate carpet fibers better to dislodge deep-seated germs and dirt. This may also be a combined cleaning agent. However, you must be careful to ensure that the cleaning agent you are using is eco-friendly.

  1. Homemade Carpet-Cleaning Solutions

If you don’t trust those cleaning solutions you get off the shelf at your local store, you can make yours using ingredients that are readily available in your kitchen. Not only does this save cost, but it also ensures you are not using anything that harms the environment. You can prepare a simple cleaning solution that removes stains from a mixture of water and vinegar. You can apply this directly to stains and rinse off with warm water. For tougher stains, a mixture of borax, vinegar, and borax is as effective as any other factory-made solution without a chemical footprint. And if you are dealing with organic stains, you can try pouring soda on the carpet and vacuum it off after some hours or the next morning.

  1. Liquid Carbon Dioxide Carpet Cleaning

Carbon dioxide is non-toxic and can exist in both liquid and gas forms. The liquid form of CO2 is often used for dry cleaning carpets. You can combine it with an eco-friendly detergent made from natural ingredients. Another major advantage of this technique is that you can recycle the carbon dioxide after use, which makes it quite sustainable.

  1. Manually Beating it Up.

While this is an old-fashioned carpet cleaning technique, it still works for cleaning carpets without using any chemicals. This technique is just as it sounds. It involves beating the carpet up with a stick or anything else to get rid of accumulated dust. It is tough and energy-consuming, though, but it still works if you are up for the challenge.

  1. Organic Solvent

Organic solvents are largely chemically inert and biodegradable. This means using them will have little to no adverse environmental impact. Buy a hydrocarbon-based cleaning solution to alleviate concerns about the eco-friendliness of conventional chemical sprays.

  1. Dry Carpet Cleaning

This is a low-moisture carpet cleaning technique that is generally favored as it is quick and convenient. As against regular steam cleaning, you don’t have to wait for the carpet to dry. A powered cleaning agent is used and subsequently vacuumed out of your carpet. There are various products made for this purpose, and you can prepare your own DIY dry cleaning agent using simple ingredients if you want.

  1. Green Carpet Cleaners

True, there are many chemical carpet cleaners in the market that are bad for the environment. Nonetheless, there is a new wave of green products that are eco-friendly as well. These cleaning products contain natural ingredients instead of harsh chemicals, so they do not leave harmful residue on your carpet. It’s best to choose cleaning products that are certified by Good Environmental Choice Australia.


The above are some of the simple but time-tested natural techniques for cleaning your carpet. It’s great to be conscious of the impact of your activities on the environment and following the tips above ensures that you get to keep your carpet cleaning without harming the environment.

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