Eco-Friendly Gifts You Gift To You Loved Ones This Season


In a world where everyone is finding ways to protect the environment, Amazon brings eco-friendly deals on products at affordable prices. Instead of using the products that hinder or pollute the environment, without any second thought, one can resort to eco-friendly items and contribute to protecting the atmosphere.

Also, there are some in our folks who love plants and gardening or handmade crafts. This post surely gives you something to ponder about for few moments, be it gifting or adding onto your card hold on while we provide you some of the most amazing and newly created gift categories this season. You can use Amazon India Coupons to get an additional concession on the Amazon products.

  • Nonwoven Reusable & Washable Kitchen Wipes by Origami

Nonwoven Reusable And Washable Kitchen Wipes By Origami

The product pack contains 3 Rolls with 80 Wipes per Roll. You get a total of 240 Wipes in a package. Using the reusable wipes not only helps to avoid increasing the waste but also saves money and keeps the place more hygienic. The pack of reusable kitchen wipes will cost you about Rs. 585 on Amazon.

  • Wooden Coffee Stirrer 4.5 – 110 mm (500 pieces) by Ezee

Wooden Coffee Stirrer By Ezee

Get the wooden coffee stirrer for just Rs. 305 at 20% concession from Amazon. The product contains 500 pieces of the stirrer. The wooden stirrer is much better than the plastic stirrer not only concerning use but also maintains the hygiene and ensures no hazard to your health.

  • Luxuria 3 Ply Printed Kitchen Towel Roll by ORIGAMI

Luxuria 3 Ply Printed Kitchen Towel Roll by ORIGAMI

The pack of ply printed kitchen towel roll includes a three-ply printed kitchen towel with a smaller perforation, which is finely embossed along with virgin fiber. The kit contains two packs of 50 sheets per seat, and it costs around Rs. 575 on Amazon. You can get additional offers like 5 percent off through SBI credit card payments or get 100 percent recharge cashback on Amazon wallet after purchasing Luxuria towel roll.

  • C Fold Tissue Paper Towel – Single Ply – Commercial White by Somani

Single Ply Commercial C Fold White Tissue Paper Towel by Somani

The pack of tissue paper has a C fold paper towel, which is of two packages and contains 300 C fold paper towels. The towel is folded for all-purpose and can be used for general cleaning as well as drying purpose. The C fold makes the towel easy to heap, use, and unfold. It has the built-in absorbency pockets that enable the commercial towels to soak up the water or other liquid as quickly as possible. The pack will cost you Rs. 250 on Amazon.

  • Natural and Biodegradable Disposable Areca Leaf Square Plate, 6×6 Inches (Blue) – Pack of 25 by SOMANI

Natural and Biodegradable Disposable Areca Leaf Square Plate by SOMANI

The pack of the biodegradable plate contains 25 plates, which are of size 6×6 inch square costs you Rs. 299. The leaf products are Eco-friendly and are 100% biodegradable and economical as well. The leaves get composted fully within two months after use. The palm leaf is completely hygienic and is prepared free of chemicals, resins, or dyes. Also, the best thing is, no trees are damaged in the production of the biodegradable plate since the fallen leaves are used while making it.

  • Bio-Degradable Paper Straw by SOMANI

SOMANI Bio Degradable Paper Straw

Paper straws are super eco-friendly, and the six mm long straw, which will be the pack of 100, is available for just Rs. 500 on Amazon and are made of food-safe paper that will be 100 percent biodegradable and eco-friendly. The straw is best in use and gives a smooth experience while using. The product is suitable to be used for weddings, birthday celebrations, holidays, graduation, baby showers, etc.

  • International Premium Bathroom Toilet Roll (12 Rolls) by Paseo

International Premium Bathroom Toilet Roll by Paseo

The international premium bathroom toilet roll has almost three plies with 300 pulls and is available for Rs.1600 on Amazon. The premium quality three-ply Toilet rolls are hygienic, soft, and naturally made. It is made purely from natural virgin fiber that quickly absorbs water and can be flushed easily. It is perfect to be used in institutions, hotels or restaurants, or at tourist places and homes.

  • Bamboo Coffee Stirrer Sticks, Tea Stirrer, Beverage Stirrer, Craft Stick 5.5 inches with the Square end (Pack of 500) by SOMANI

Bamboo Tea-Coffee Stirrer Sticks by SOMANI

The coffee stirrer stick is available for just Rs. 799 and the quality is best of all. The bamboo coffee stirrers are durable and do not shred or splinter. The stirrers are made from bamboo material, which is readily and rapidly renewable resource and is more environmentally friendly than wood. The stirrers are convenient and save time and water as we need not wash it after use. Users appreciate the convenience of stir sticks for their cups of coffee or tea.

  • Bamboo Knot Picks, Cocktail Skewers Eco-Friendly Completely Biodegradable by SOMANI

Eco-Friendly Completely Biodegradable Cocktail Skewers - Bamboo Knot Picks by SOMANI

Using the eco-friendly pocks, you can garnish the dishes beautifully. Piercing the fruit or candies with a bamboo knot pick makes it an easy and attractive way to create fantastic garnishing. Serving appetizers is easy with the bamboo knot picks as it will spear a few small pieces of items such as fruit, cheese, or vegetables to create fresh mini skewers. These knot picks are made of bamboo and are recyclable, and these can be thrown out with food waste making it quite convenient to use.

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