Eco Friendly Ways To Cool Your Home


It’s often thought that the only way to gain proper respite from the heat inside the home is through good, old fashioned refrigerated air conditioning. And indeed, in terms of brute force and speed, it does the job. But the price for this sort of cooling, as most of us are now well aware, is high. Traditional air conditioning is a monstrous energy muncher, which is terrible news for both the planet and hip pocket.

Interior Green Wall Design Vertical Garden

There are plenty of eco-friendly ways to keep your home fresh in the heat. You can love the planet, preserve your life savings, and not break a sweat while doing it. The weather world offers many solutions to your hot weather woes- and they won’t cost the earth.

Go Green Creating Eco Friendly Interior Design

In the meantime, here a few tips to get you through the next wave of meltingly hot weather.

  • Adopt a bunker mentality. Make like the heat is the Germans, and you are London, in WW2. Draw the blinds at sunrise, don’t show a light (to use a WW2 term), and ensure your windows and doors are properly sealed. Insulation makes an enormous difference to how your house absorbs heat during the day. Cutting down on your use of household appliances like washing machines, ovens, and stovetops will also significantly reduce the amount of heat within your home.

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  • Go Green- literally. Covering your external walls with greenery is an effective- not to mention attractive- means of insulating your home from the punishing effects of the heat. Green walls can cut the surface temperature of walls by as much as 10 degrees celsius. As a bonus, they also help to filter outside air pollution.

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  • External shades and blinds- external blinds and shades are more effective than internal shades and blinds, only because they block the solar energy before it hits your window.

Exterior Shades

  • Split system air conditioning-inverter split system air conditioning units fluctuate according to the air conditioning requirements throughout the day. This makes them an energy-efficient air conditioning option, minimizing energy consumption by as much as sixty-six percent.

All of the above measures are relatively cheap and easy to install. For more advice, visit

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  1. In Summers, exterior shades and solar screens are very useful for covering windows. Solar screens comes with different degrees of sunscreen to protect from sun rays and help in reducing heat.


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