Effective Learning through Collaborative Classroom Furniture

On November 2, 2015 by Kea Jones

Today’s dynamic learning environments demand active participation from all students in every classroom activity – be it a demonstration, presentation, group discussion, textbook based learning, or lecture. The learning has become more collaborative and involves lot of interactions within the classroom. As a result, classroom furniture is required to play a critical role to facilitate effective learning in such an environment.

The most important piece of collaborative classroom furniture is a computer/laptop desk or table that students use for the maximum time they spend in the classroom. There are several renowned brands that offer computer tables that are specifically designed to meet the needs of today’s collaborative learning environments.

Collaborative Classroom Furniture

Some of the salient features of such collaborative computer desks are enumerated below:

  1. The shape of these computer tables is based on circle and curves instead of rectangle and square. The shape helps in encouraging non-confrontational, positive body language.

This also allows for an unending number of arrangements – straight rows, curved rows, circles, or informal arrangements for small teams so that each student can actively collaborate with others in the classroom.

The classroom floor plan can be optimally used in a flexible manner based on the needs of the collaboration.

  1. These smart computer desks offer a comfortable as well as spacious workspace for each individual. The desks have a monitor mount that opens and offers the LCD monitor at a semi-recessed position on pulling out the retractable keyboard/mouse tray. The students get an unobstructed line of sight for each classroom activity and clearly see their instructor and other fellow students while using their computers.

The desks also provide the option to keep the LCD monitor out of the table top so that the entire workspace is available for textbooks, notepads or other activities. Upon closing the monitor flip, the keyboard retracts and the monitor flips under the desktop. The lock option for the laptop/LCD monitor is also available.

Thus, we see that students can comfortably use both computers and textbooks and also have enough space to keep their personal items on these collaborative classroom furniture.

  1. Large wire managers are used to protectively conceal all power and data cables offering a clutter free workspace that makes collaboration easier by allowing free movement around the classroom.
  1. The computer desks also come with safe storage of CPU units and laptops, thus offering flexibility and mobility to the workstations for collaborative activities.

Another important piece of collaborative classroom furniture is motorized height adjustable instructor table which can be used both while sitting and standing. This allows instructor to easily conduct all types of teaching styles – lecture sessions, giving demonstration, making presentation, and so on in a hassle-free manner.

Before you finalize your collaborative classroom furniture, make sure you have done enough research on all competitive products. Both standalone and integrated products should find a place in your list. Based on your budget and overall collaboration needs, the final selection should be made. It is always advisable to go for leading brands that have a reputation in the market and have a wide array of options to choose from.

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