Effective Ways To Extend The Life Of Your Upholstered Furniture


Upholstered Furniture

Adding a new sofa to your living space is a big decision. The average price of a sofa is $1,000, although they can be significantly more or less. There is no right or wrong amount to spend. But, once you have invested, you will want to do what you can to look after the sofa and extend its life.

Fortunately, this is easier than you may think.

Regular Vacuuming

Your sofa may look clean, but that doesn’t mean it is. A lot of the dirt that gets on sofas is invisible to the naked eye. But, it doesn’t matter how small the dirt; it can still cause a rubbing reaction and allow bacteria to breed on and in your sofa. That is seriously detrimental to the lifespan of your sofa.

Regular vacuuming can help eliminate this issue.


You will find an instruction tag on your sofa that tells you what washing techniques are acceptable. It is a good idea to take a look at this and follow the instructions. Where possible, you should wash the sofa over at least once a month.

However, you should also recognize the limits of home cleaning and get a local, reputable sofa cleaning firm to do the job for you at least a couple of times a year. This will help to keep it looking great.

Shave It!

You can use a razor blade to remove snags and pulls on a fabric sofa. This will help prevent them from being snagged and pulling more threads out of your sofa. It will also help your sofa to stay looking fantastic.

There are also specialist tools you can purchase to do this for you.

Fabric Protector

Your sofa will probably have arrived with a stain-resistant coating. However, this may only last for a limited time. If this is the case or you don’t have a coating, then use a fabric protector. This will allow you to clean spills off the fabric without it staining.

Of course, you will want to check the fabric protector doesn’t damage the sofa. You can do this by spraying a little in an inconspicuous spot.

Flipping Cushions

One of the best ways to keep your sofa looking fresh is to fluff the cushions regularly and flip them. This helps to promote even wear on the fabric and keeps it looking full and fresh. It’s a simple but very effective trip.

Consider Pets

Pets quickly damage a sofa. They will cover it in hair and are likely to bring dirt onto it without you or them realizing it. In addition, their claws can snag and damage the fabric or scratch leather.

You either need to stop the pets from going on the sofa or make sure their part is covered with a blanket, preventing harm and excess dirt.


Direct sunlight on any upholstered furniture will cause the color to fade. The only way to prevent this is to keep your furniture out of the sunlight. That may be easier said than done, but it is worth considering if you want your sofa to stay looking new.

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