Engineered Marble Or Natural – Which Is The Best?


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The seventh wonder of the world is made purely from marble. This denotes one thing, that is, marble has always been considered a luxury stone. As opposed to the ancient times, this piece of white beauty has become more freely available in recent times. Whether in the kitchen, bathroom, or living room, you can find a marble decor or countertop anywhere in a home. It enhances the overall beauty of the house and delivers an extra layer of elegance.

As time has progressed, there have been multitudes of improvements in how stone surfaces are constructed. This goes for marble as well. Engineered marble is comparatively a new trend that is taking over the market by storm. People who know about it choose to go for it rather than the casual marble. But, there is still a lot of confusion as to which marble to go for? As a new buyer, should you go for the natural or engineered marble? How do they compare? Let’s look at many such aspects in a bit more detail.

  1. Making And Built

When it comes to making, engineered marble has a far more extensive process than natural. Various chemicals and artificial stones are added to the natural stone and a lot of pressure to make a beautiful looking slab of the engineered marble surface. Natural marble is mined and converted into a solid surface with a couple of not so complex steps in the middle. Both surfaces’ built quality is high, and durability is one of the most important aspects that both possess. When it comes to the weight of these stones, natural marble is much heavier. In short, both are built to last long.

  1. Maintenance

To maintain natural stone is a chore. Since it is naturally produced, several aspects of maintenance, like bonding or sealing, are attached. Natural stones have microscopic pores that absorb water, destroying the integration of the stone. To prevent such damages sealing the stone from time to time is required. Plus, if you use it in a place like a kitchen where there are any spillages, you need to take extra care of the marble. When it comes to engineered marble, the maintenance cost is far less. Since it is human-made, problem causing aspects with natural stones are cleared from the beginning itself. So, engineered stones need no sealing type, and you can use it freely in any home.

  1. Price

Everything boils down to the price. Natural stores are much rarer as opposed to engineering. There is only a limited amount of natural marble present in one place, so hunting for these precious stones takes up a lot of energy and time. These and similar other factors make natural marble a much more expensive option to engineered. Engineers’ stones, although higher in price, require little to no maintenance. Hence, if you go for natural marble, you will be paying for the buying cost and the maintenance cost from time to time.

  1. Overall Design And Beauty

There is nothing like natural marble. They are elegant and shine much brighter than engineered stones. Because they naturally produce, there is a raw touch to it that engineered stones cannot have. However, there is only a limited amount of design and patterns you can find in natural stones. Engineered marbles come in varied patterns and designs that you can easily choose from. Ultimately, if you love the look of natural marble, you will go with it. But, if you want more options and still want to get the feeling of owning marble, you can go the other way and choose engineered marble.

  1. Which Is The Best?

No one reason can fairly conclude that one kind of marble is better than the other. Both natural and engineered marbles have their benefits and disadvantages attached to them. On the one hand, natural stone has a longer life and more elegance. It also requires a high degree of maintenance and looking after. Not to forget the expense that comes attached with natural marble. Engineered stones are very much different from engineered in ways like better water resistance and multiple options.

Now, it is all upon you. See what you truly like. If you love natural marble, there is no way you should go for engineered stone. If you don’t have a particular fascination for natural stone, you can look at the various advantages that engineered stone has overall natural and choose accordingly.

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