English Based Color Design – Part 2


English Color Interiors Retro

Pablo Ruiz y Picasso, the crème de la crème of all the 1880’s painters and sculptors, once said, “Colors, like features, follow the changes of the emotions.” I mean, “Word!” And take that cognizance with zero amount of skepticism, don’t you think so too? This is precisely why we have some days where blue is the preference and some other days that follow- red, pink, purple, yellow, etc. top the very same preference chart.

English Turquoise Modern Interiors

You should know that it isn’t some random psychological theory that emerged out of nowhere. It’s the most fundamental and essential attribute that one discovers while beginning to learn about the colors and their usage, especially when planning to design the interiors of your house, workplace, or the little treehouse of your kid that got you knackered to the point of being jaded.

Blue Gray Paint Color Combination for Living Room

What is needed to attain that “wow” factor while laying out the interiors is a vivacious, pulsating choice of colors that is very close to your personality? Just follow your heart, listen to it carefully when it skips a beat while eyeing on the shade card of the colors, and immediately buy the combination, because sometimes the spontaneity in making the decision could pay off, leaving the audience visiting your place spellbound and going on their knees for you to drop in some suggestions for them.

Elegant English Interiors

To shed some light on the technicality on how to use that personal choice of colors in the most efficient way that brings out an edge to the whole layout, the following are a few concepts that would help one understand it more closely (or at least that’s what I hope for! ) A good interior “color” design has more to it than just fabulous comments received from the admirers who appreciate the use of interesting lighting, perfect choices of furniture, antiques and their arrangement with wise space management.

English Style Interiors

It’s about how to team it up with each of these features that bring out the elegant side of each prop. Good is when you achieve the right balance between all these elements each time from the beginning of the first room to the final exit in a well-thought-out, synchronized form giving the entire place a trendy look in a consistent manner. Of course, professionals are there to help you out with it, delivering what you want, speak your mind, and they’ll take care of the rest by using their skill and good vision.

One can choose colors for each section of their house depending upon for what purpose they are used like if it’s a living room, the colors used on the wall, should be relaxing where one can kick back with a cup of coffee in the evening achieving a state of bliss after a hectic day at work. Children’s rooms should be painted with colors that bring out passion, energy, and enthusiasm; Bedrooms should be serene and peaceful and on and so forth. A little thought is needed to make the color concept more surprising than it already is!

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