Enhance Your Enjoyment: Placement Pointers for Your New Hot Tub


So, you’ve decided to invest in a luxurious hot tub, and you can’t wait to get it delivered to your home. But where do you put it so you can get maximum enjoyment out of it? You’ll want to be able to enjoy this all year round and will also want to situate it somewhere that won’t interfere with your indoor/outdoor space. Below you’ll find some must-have tips on the ultimate location for your hot tub.

Easy To Access

Inflatable Hot Tub

If you’re putting your Inflatable Hot Tub outside, you may want to consider placing it as near to your back door as possible. During the summer, it may be wonderful sauntering up to your hot tub at the bottom of the garden, but during the colder winter months, this might not be as pleasant. If you can, situate it near to a door of your property so you can quickly scoot into your tub without having to worry about getting dressed to get there.

It’s also worth considering where the best place is to dry off once you get out. If you’re jumping out of the hot tub and running straight into your lounge with the lovely cream carpet, this might not be the best idea! Also, consider the fact that you’ll need to allow for access when filling the tub up and for draining.

Privacy And Fun Times

Privacy Hot Tub

If you’re installing the hot tub as an indulgent treat for you and your partner, it may be a good idea to find the most private space in your garden to enjoy this. There’d be nothing worse than getting cozy in your tub to find that you’re being overlooked by the neighbors! You could always install a trellis to create this private area, or you could opt for a gazebo to provide you with shelter from prying neighbors and the rain!

Equally, if you’ve got hot tub parties in mind and you want the entire family to enjoy the tub, it may be best situating it in a communal area where you’ve got easy access to the house, tables, and chairs.

The Aesthetics

Hot Tub Installation

When installing a hot tub in your garden, you’ll want to make the most of it, which is why it’s a good idea to enhance the area you’re putting it in. If you are using the tub for social gatherings and parties, why not put a music system there too? This is particularly worthwhile if you’re running electricity from the house to the tub anyway.

Or, if you’re transforming your garden into a spa-like retreat, why not add mood lighting and a beautiful planted area so you can add to the ambiance? If you can, add waterfalls or fountains to the area, as this will boost the relaxing feel you’re creating.

The Foundations

Hot Tub Party Ideas

Whether you’re installing a freestanding hot tub or an inflated one, you need to make sure the foundations you’re placing it on are going to last. Concrete bases, decking areas, and patios are perfect, or if you’re building the area purposely, check what requirements you need for the tub before installing.

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  1. Inflatable hot tubs are awesome during autumn evenings. But when winter comes, we better pack it and store it. We have really cold winters here though…


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