Enhance Your House Flooring Look Using Floating Floor


A floating floor is one of the best ways to decorate your house and give it a luxurious look. The name floating floor itself indicates that it is not attached to the actual floor. It is easy to install and is the best way to protect the underneath flooring from damage. The understanding that you get about the floating floors is that these can easily be used not just for enhancing the look of the floor, especially in decks, in wooden houses, inside floating cottages, and now these floors are also used in corporate offices and sports houses. This is an excellent flooring option that keeps your flooring intact, and there is also no moisture retention.

Easy to Install and Long-Lasting

Floating Floor

  • The most commendable part of the floating floor is its long-lasting nature. Once the floor is installed, there is no need to think about it for many years. Moreover, it is easy to install and will take very little time for installation.
  • Wood was the most used floating floor material overlapped on the normal concrete or tile floor without any physical contact between them.
  • The best part of this floating floor is its high bearing capacity. It can bear heavy weight furnishings without any damage for a long time.
  • This type of flooring is the most appropriate one to be used, especially in those areas where you need to exert large-scale pressure.
  • For music studios, dance schools, and sports rooms, the floating floor is the best way to minimize the sounds and echoes. In large constructions, resonance can be reduced to the maximum extent by using floating floors.

Step By Step Procedure For Installing Floating Floor

Floating Floor

There are many types of wood materials being used for the floating floor. But be sure before choosing a perfect material of wood. It is best to choose wooden planks enabled with multi-layered wooden sheets. These last long, and they enable great protection than normal single-layered wooden planks. Initially, installation is done using glue at the edges of wooden planks. But there is a disadvantage in using this method, i.e., if the amount of glue is more, then it may squeeze out on to the surface of wooden planks. This may increase the work as it should be cleaned at that instant itself before drying. But installation techniques have changed now. Tongue and groove type of installation is the latest technique used for installing a floating floor.

Follow These Steps To Install Perfect Floating Floor In One Day:

  • Take measurements of the room and buy the required amount of flooring material like wooden planks, thin foam padding material.
  • Before installation, make sure that the flooring is clean, dry, and free from debris. The floor must be even all along without any irregular patches. If any irregular patches are present, make them even before starting the floor installation.
  • Now start the installation process by installing the thin foam padding layer spreading all over the floor surface by using tape. This acts as a separation layer between underneath and floating floors. It will alter the minor imperfections of the floor present if any.
  • After completing the installation of a thin foam padding layer, start installing a floating floor. The modern floating floor wooden material is of tongue and screw type. Their installation is easy. Just fix them together, they get locked easily due to tongue and screw-type cuttings of planks.
  • If planks used are of perfect measurement, then it will be easy to install. They will get a quick fix and are rigid.
  • Increase your floor look by adding moldings to the edges of the room. This will look trendier and will protect your floating floor from damages caused through these edges and any other obstacles like entrances.
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