Enhancement Options For Your Backyard Pool Deck


To make your pool area the total package, plan out the best design for your pool deck. You have to make it captivating by first look; the vibe it gives should be as refreshing as the cold water of your pool.

A pool deck is an area surrounding your pool. This space serves as the lounge area where you place your pool and backyard furniture. The pool deck catches the eye at first glance as it brings about the complete style and design of the swimming area.

Pool decking is when you develop and remodel the patio of your backyard area around your pool. This technique needs professional help – consult for the right materials that are appropriate for the design plan. To achieve the kind of look you are aiming for, proper carrying out of the construction is a principal consideration.

Stamped Concrete

Stamped Concrete

What is stamped concrete? This construction idea is a method of innovating floors made of concrete slabs. The application of a stamped concrete on walkways, patios, and driveways is in-demand nowadays. It imparts durability to the concrete ground while not spending too much on expensive materials. Aside from that, it also enhances the appearance and makes it safe for the people walking by.

Stamped concrete offers a lot of advantages that include:

  • It renders limitless choices of pattern and color.
  • It is more affordable than other materials like brick and natural stone.
  • It is easy to maintain.

As this option gains popularity in construction, it continues to develop several aesthetic possibilities like stains and textures. The design choices are infinite; most people get inspired in planning out the style of the aspired stamped concrete through the surrounding area. A stamped concrete flooring system applies to many spatial portions of your property. And one of the applications of this technique is in pool decking.

How to achieve a stamped concrete flooring system?

The installation of a stamped concrete follows a specific procedure that needs the help of professional experts. If you are considering pool deck remodeling, check out pool decking San Jose for services offered.

It follows a careful procedure but, here is a generalized stepwise stamping of concrete:

  1. Application of Color Hardener
  2. Application of Release Agent. A release agent is a material that imparts a low-intensity color contrast and acts as a bond breaker for the prevention of mats or skins sticking to the concrete.
  3. Checking of concrete’s plasticity pre-stamping
  4. The slab perimeter edges are pre textured for color release.
  5. Begin stamping according to the manufacturer’s recommendation.

In the process of stamping concrete floors, you may also incorporate some additional materials. These materials will enhance the look, durability, and resistance to factors that will further destroy the pool deck. As a result, stamped concrete has been the usual choice of homeowners for areas where they entertain their guests most of the time.

There is a wide range of pattern and texture choices to look at when contemplating the perfect fit for your pool deck. Here are some of the options you would want to consider:

Wood Stamping

Wood Stamping

This technique offers a wood-like appearance on your pool deck. The use of wood as a material for the pool deck has the disadvantage of being easily damaged by pool chemicals and the moisture itself. Instead of using a short-lived material for your pool deck, why not use wood stamping? It gives off the same aesthetic look as wood materials; simultaneously, it is more durable. You could also apply some heat-resistant additives so that it makes the bare feet more comfortable.

Ashlar Slate

Ashlar Slate

This type of pattern is also a noteworthy option in terms of pool decking. With ashlar slate, the pool deck appears more refreshing to the eyes. Landscaping with greens surrounding the pool deck is an excellent choice too. As an outcome, the terrain will highlight the stamped concrete pattern of your pool deck.

Using an ashlar slate for the pool deck, the beauty of your pool area comes from simplicity. The texture and pattern brought by this kind of stamping technique provide an expensive-looking floor when, in fact, it is economical than purchasing natural stones and marble tiles.

Seamless Stamping

Seamless Stamping

Want to achieve a solid stone look for your pool deck? This type of stamping is popular with homeowners who aim to have a naturally clean look for their pool area.

The pool deck appears with a subtle texture pattern continuously stamped making it look like one big piece of stone than multiple joint tiles. Homeowners favor this kind of technique when achieving a minimalist concept for the entire house.

Decorative Concrete

Decorative Concrete

Other than patterns, colors, and texture choices, modifying a concrete flooring system can also be through decorative techniques. You can use various finishing methods.

One of which is a Spray Knockdown Finish. With this method, the floor is slip resistance guaranteed. As the spray texture provides more friction, it prevents slipping incidents from occurring.

Aside from imparting a slip-resistant advantage, a Spray knockdown finish improves the pool deck’s look with a lot of customizations in dyes and color stains. This procedure is popularly utilized for pool deck remodeling and is considered one of the best decorative concrete solutions.

Another advantage that most homeowners love about spray knockdown finish is the property of coating to reflect light in an outward direction. Instead of taking the heat in, the floor remains cold that people could walk in barefoot. Perfect for pool decking, right?

Similar to stamping, the decorative concrete technique requires professional contractors for installation. Despite needing experts’ help, homeowners must still know how to do a spray knockdown finish. Here is a rough stepwise application process:

  1. Evaluate the concrete floors’ stability and for damages and repair first if there is any.
  2. Clean the surface and air-dry appropriately for adhesion purposes.
  3. Mixing of coating materials accurately for successful curing.
  4. Using a hopper gun, spray the coating towards the concrete slab.
  5. Ensure that the surface is at a temperature between 60-70 degrees Fahrenheit; spritz evenly for a consistently uniform outcome.
  6. Rundown a trowel to knock down the sprayed pointed tips.
  7. Seal the concrete for aesthetic and protection purposes.

Other decorative pool deck idea:

Rock Waterfall

Rock Waterfall

You may want to accentuate your pool deck with a stack of rocks with a flowing water system looking like a waterfall. This embellishment is popularly utilized in pool areas that can accommodate a large group of people and in a pool that has a coping of stone-like finish. This rock waterfall brings a closer natural feeling as you take a plunge in the water from your backyard pool.

There may be other ways to enhance and beautify your backyard pool deck. It always depends on the budget, the style of your house to which it must complement, the landscape, and the professional contractor. Because of the continuous advancements in construction, the ideas mentioned above are just a few of the numerous possibilities you could achieve for your pool area.

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