Entering The World Of Interior Design 2019 Trends


It’s the spring of 2019, and there are new trends that are making it to the covers in the world of interior designs. A few space trends from previous years have sustained and still rule the hearts, while others swept off with the season.


Biophilic Interior

It is a concept that emphasizes the relationship and connection between humankind and nature. In this machine-driven concrete era, a tint of greenery is all people look forward to. Use of organic materials like wooden flooring, in-house waterfalls and more tactile materials like stone are the much-craved connection. Implementation of biophilic designs is known to reduce stress and improve creativity.

Researchers suggest that biophilic interiors trigger the same amount of extraordinary pleasures as walking on a beach or a jaunt through one’s garden. The Interior design services concentrate on green views, natural lighting, and giving space to larger windows, which are often left uncovered. The material is not only about the look, but more about the ‘touch and feels’ of the surface more like a multi-sensorial experience.

Natural colors, like those found in flowers or fruits, top the palette. Combination of earthy neutral tones with bright statement colors is what people seek. These are the colors most found in the natural habitat.


Trendy Wall Color Ideas

PANTONE determines the color of the year as ‘Living Coral.’ PANTONE, the Colour Institute defines Living Coral as, “An animating and life-affirming coral hue with a golden undertone that energizes.

For the past few years, grey and achromatic color tones have dominated the interior’s palette. In a cyclic phase, the earthy neutrals are back. Along with them, back are the monochromes, in tints and shades of Terracotta, Coral and others. Walls are in the warmer shades of nudes, complemented by matt black fixtures.


Wall Paint Ideas

This year, the metallic finish has seen a revamp. Various hues of gold, brass, and copper are one of the most prevalent finishes for the fixtures. The shiny surface paired with subtle raw finishes makes their place in the high-end products.

Tropical and floral prints are what entice consumers with the rise in Biophilia.

Concrete is becoming one of the most sought after material for sanitary-ware for its strength and versatility. Several design houses are concentrating on making bathroom fixtures with concrete. These include sinks, taps, and shelves. The hard texture and polished surface make it a great choice against matt black fixtures.


Biophilia Furniture

Out with Biophilia is sustainability. Consumers avoid single-use materials and have a constant inclination towards contemporary designs which are sophisticated and recyclable. Designers are successful in making these goods equally aesthetic, desirable and environment-friendly.

People believe in the concept of ‘Less is more.’ Instead of heavy single purpose furniture, designers incorporate several other functionalities to the product, hence reducing the number of products in the space. Convertible dwellings make up the most intriguing trends.

Mix Décor Styles:

Scandinavian Designs

The dominance of Scandinavian designs combined with Japanese influences way to what designers call ‘Scandinese.’ Scandinavian Designs were the 20th-century designs characterized by simplicity and minimalism. Nowadays, Minimalism is fading away from trends as now people have an eye for details. Lauded for their beauty, this new concept is more ecology driven and expressive.

Boho designs with curves and soft lines are back in trend. Layered boho fabrics give a mix of the modern and vintage look. Bold and dramatic is the new taste among people. It’s not the dominance of a particular style, but an experimental mix is what people like.

2019 looks forward to designs that connect the users to nature in a sustainable manner. Negative spaces are welcomed, but at the same time, new textures and materials have come up that reflect the lifestyle. Dramatic colors are being experimented with subtle natural shades, and people have an eye for patterns on their textiles.

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