Essay On Why I Want To Be An Interior Designer


Interior Designer

Not many children, when asked who they want to be when they grow up, answer that they want to be an interior designer. It is not a childhood dream like a cosmonaut, or actress, or a lawyer. I wasn’t different. I had several options to dream about, and most of them right to Hollywood. Also, I was not one of the professional essay writers that could have the possibility to write the best paper ever related to decor. However, later I realized that I have another set of skills, and I need to use this toolbox in my brain efficiently. I want to be a successful interior designer, and I know that I can be it. What is even more important, my friends and my parents agree that it is a fantastic career choice for me.

For years I have been using my creativity and a potentially outstanding feel of space to deal with the design of my home, Holmes of my friends and relatives. Of course, I didn’t do something huge, but I gave somewhat useful ideas, and people enjoyed the result when they listened to what I said. I don’t only use my imagination and understanding of the particular space; I also get inspired by the latest trends in interior design. I read newspapers, watch programs, I read books and attend exhibitions related to my future profession. I am not paying attention only two that recent works and trans, I also read books and studies dedicated to interior design in the past.

When you see some museums or castles which are 200 or 300-year-old, you think they are all alike because they have similar styles. However, they have different interior designs that define their true identity. I want to leave my mark in this profession, and I want people to be inspired by my works. I think that it is not enough to be creative when it comes to this specialty.

You need to be very considerate about people you create your designs for. It is not like you are working on your portfolio, you are working on someone’s house or working space, and it is a huge responsibility to take into the account. People think that interior designers want them to buy expensive stuff and later take pictures to show other clients. Maybe it is true in some situations, but I know I’ll never be like that. It makes me happy when I see that people use my designs and their lives change to better because their house has more sun, more light, it is more convenient for the kids. And I’m not even a professional yet.

I have a secret. I think that almost every person at some point is an interior designer. When you choose a photo frame for your wedding picture, or you decide on which table cloth will match the color of the walls better, you work as your interior designer. It is important not to give up and find that thing that will suit your house or your office the most. But if everyone can be interior designers, why do I want to major in this filled? While people can create some design on their own, they often don’t have enough time and information regarding the latest trance, materials, fabrics, etc. I see myself not like a capricious artist who thinks people around him are not able to understand his ways.

I see myself as an assistant because I believe that a person should do what he likes to do and what he is the most capable of. For example, when I need someone to write my essay for me, I look for professionals. I don’t procrastinate till the submission date when it comes to particularly complex assignments. I write most of my papers myself, but sometimes I need help, and I get it. The same is with interior design. You can buy a picture frame or design your porch, but when you need to redesign the whole house or make a small space look bigger and lighter, it’s better to address a proven professional. And that is who I want to be. For me, it is a noble profession that will also be profitable for everyone approaching it with proper diligence and creativity.


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