Essential Exterior Summer Home Maintenance Tips


Home Maintenance

While you may be deep into summer season mode, enjoying the backyard BBQs, time at the beach, and getting in those picnics at the park, it’s also important to remember that the great weather offers the perfect time do some basic maintenance on the exterior of your home. If you live in an area of the country that gets cold, wet winters, then you know better than anyone that some of those exterior jobs just can’t be done until spring and summer. This is a great time to ensure your house looks great, doesn’t have any issues, and is prepared for the upcoming colder months.

Here’s a look at a few of the essential exterior summer home maintenance tips that you’ll want to tackle before the nice weather is done.

Summer Pavement Maintenance

Sure, it’s not exactly glamorous work, but if you ignore cracks, dips, potholes, cracked edges, loose gravel, and sinking, it can cause many problems over the winter and into the thaw next spring. These kinds of issues are notorious for popping up in the summer thanks to the hot temperatures that can cause the pavement to warp and crack.

The best step is the prevention, of course, so this would include things like sealing your driveway to protect it from the heat, moving your car around, so it doesn’t always sit in one spot, and making sure your vehicle doesn’t leak oil onto the driveway which corrodes asphalt. You can read here to find more like this list of prevention tips and red flags to watch for.

If you do spot any issues, you’ll want to make sure you get them remedied as quickly as possible so that they don’t become even bigger problems.

Clean Out the Gutters

This is also the perfect time to clean out the gutters to ensure you don’t end up with potential water clogs and damage as fall nears. If you have large trees on your property or near your house, the leaves can quickly clog up the gutter and drainage system as can sticks and twigs, and other debris. This is a job that should be done regularly, as water damage is not only destructive, but it can be costly to repair too.

Ensure Walkways Are Secure

If you have a walkway that leads to your front or backyard door, this is also an excellent time to ensure there are no loose bricks or stone or uneven pathways that could be a tripping hazard. When it is level, it will be much easier to shovel and salt, making sure people are safe as they walk up to your house.

Check the Lightbulbs in All the Exterior Lights

While the sun may be setting nice and late right now, that won’t last for long. Soon the days will be getting shorter, and it will be getting dark earlier. This is the best time to replace any old lightbulbs and ensure all areas of the exterior are well-lit.

A Few Simple Tips

Each of these jobs is relatively simple and basic, yet are common maintenance steps worth tackling during the summer weather.


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