Essential Plumbing Work Before Remodeling Your Home


Essential Plumbing Work

Remodeling your home is certainly an exciting and rewarding project. Unfortunately, most homeowners focus on the tangible and visible parts of their homes, such as the kitchen, bathrooms, living room, and exterior walls, to improve curb appeal. Plumbing is probably the most ignored yet vital component of a home remodel.

Plumbing issues are common during remodeling, and planning can help avoid major surprises. Before starting a renovation project, it is prudent to hire water experts for thorough evaluation and dewatering and pumping if necessary. That aside, you should prepare and readily fix the following unexpected problems.

Unexpected Plumbing Problems When Preparing For Remodeling

Plumbing issues often catch homeowners unaware, ruining their experience and budget and causing delays. Below are a few problems you should watch out for:

  • Poor plumbing – In most cases, you can find incorrect plumbing installations. For instance, you can notice a tapping noise when the shower is turned on. This indicates that several pipes leading up to the shower were not properly secured. Some faucets and spouts might also have irregular pressure, necessitating repairs. You can also come across rusty pipes, faulty joints, and old copper pipes.
  • Cheap parts – Previous homeowners may have installed cheap parts to save on costs. While these parts can hold for some time, paying for genuine parts is prudent. For instance, using cheap sealants results in imperfect seals.
  • Mold – Mold grows in wet and humid environments. Leaking pipes and other damp areas around your plumbing systems might have promoted mold growth. Be on the lookout for areas with black spots along your plumbing lines.
  • Galvanized pipes – You should also inspect your drain lines for galvanized pipes. Galvanized pipes were a preferred replacement for lead pipes after the dangers of lead pipes were discovered. However, galvanized pipes were no better because they corroded, including the inside, contaminating drinking water with copper and zinc.
  • Sump pump issues – These are common issues during remodeling. Most homeowners proceed with their remodels, only to realize their sump pump isn’t efficient. Always test your sump pump before beginning the remodel.
  • Ventilation – You should also check for ventilation issues before remodeling. Ventilation problems might be quick fixes of replacing a damaged fan or complicated if it needs a new vent or an upgrade.

Essential Plumbing Work During Home Remodel

You should consider the following before embarking on your remodeling project:

  1. Fix Leaks Before Starting

You should begin by fixing leaks before starting your remodeling project. Small leaks can easily be overlooked when remodeling contractors focus on other aspects. A small leak can result in serious problems later. Fortunately, experts can easily spot leaks, especially in common areas, such as the kitchen and bathroom lines. Even if you are not an expert, signs of water leakage, like wet carpets and mold growth in the bathroom, are easily identifiable.

  1. Replace Broken Fixtures

You shouldn’t also ignore the importance of replacing broken fixtures before remodeling. If plumbing fixtures, such as bathtubs, bidets, and faucets, are worn out or damaged, replace them. If ignored, failing faucets, corroded fixtures, or leaking pipes can lead to expensive future repairs.

  1. Check Valves And Water Lines

After fixing the leaks and broken pipes, you should inspect the integrity of the water lines and valves. These include the water spigot, valves on the water heater, and water meter. Ensure that all water lines are fixed properly, and valves function accordingly. Ensure to replace damaged or sticking valves, especially in the bathroom.

  1. Clear Blockages

You should also use this opportunity to clear obstructions and blockages for all your plumbing systems, right from the toilet and sinks to the sprinkler system. Blocked drains often lead to water backup and consequential water damage. This becomes worse if the blocked drain is the sewage line.

  1. Check Water Filters

Water filters are an important part of plumbing systems. Unfortunately, most homeowners ignore this component. Start by cleaning the refrigerator filter. Confirm that all water filters are in good working condition, even if recently replaced. Water filters are crucial in ensuring that cold water flows smoothly.

  1. Adjust Water Pressure

Most homeowners don’t check their water pressure at all. This often creates serious issues, especially after remodeling. Check and adjust your water pressure to avoid future expenses. Remember to adjust your water pressure when water is cold to protect the plumbing pipes from damage.

  1. Fix The Drain Line

Remember to fix the drain line before doing major renovations on the bathroom and kitchen. Like leaks, you can easily forget about the drain lines once you’ve focused on major remodeling issues. Drain lines are crucial, as they channel water away from the tub, sink, toilet, and shower. Checking the functionality of drain lines might prove difficult, especially because most sewer lines are constructed under concrete slabs. If such is the case, consider hiring a professional.

  1. Replace The Sink And Faucet

Most homeowners skip replacing their sinks and faucets to save on costs. However, ignoring your sink and faucet during remodeling can prove costly later, as you will have to replace the entire piping. If your sink and faucet are old, replace them with quality options. You should also replace the connecting drain pipes with good-quality pipes.

  1. Check The Functionality Of The Sump Pump

Sump pumps are a lifesaver, especially during floods and impending water damage. However, they are very frustrating. Most homeowners realize the importance of sump pumps in keeping their basement dry only when it fails in the middle of heavy rains or floods. While most sump pumps are long-lasting, they can encounter problems. The best way to ensure that your basement floor and garage are free from water during remodeling is to maintain your sump pump and test its functionality before starting the remodeling project.


Remodeling your home presents a perfect opportunity of testing the functionality of most components. Unfortunately, most homeowners rarely think about their plumbing systems, despite being crucial to comfortable living. Part of plumbing maintenance involves making plumbing upgrades, such as installing new fixtures that complete your décor and reduce water usage, customized sinks, and energy-efficient appliances.

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