Essential Tips For Painting Your Home’s Exterior


When you drive down a residential street, do you ever give any thought to how those homes got their various colors, and the process that went into choosing them? Many people don’t think that much about the exterior color of their home and spend a lot more time thinking about the home’s interior walls and the combinations of colors they can use in the various rooms of the house. While interior painting offers a lot of chances to display creative flair, your home’s exterior shouldn’t be any less important.

First Impressions

Exterior Paint

Consider that your home’s exterior color is truly the first thing that anyone sees on your home, whether they’re simply passing by or coming to your home as a guest. That being the case, your home’s exterior color should make a statement that reflects your taste and style. There are several things to take into consideration before you begin the fun process of choosing exact shades for the main color and the exterior trim.

One of the first things to check into before painting your home’s exterior is to ensure that you aren’t limited in your color choice by any neighborhood association or community regulations. There are some areas where either private homeowner associations or the local city government restrict color choices to a set palette, for a variety of reasons, but mainly in order to maintain a certain overall look and feel to the neighborhood. Make sure that if your home falls into one of these regulated areas, you know what colors are permitted before you begin choosing.

Consider Materials and Color Palette

Exterior Paint Material

Before you begin the process of choosing colors, you should consider the type of material that your home is made of. For example, a brick home offers vastly different options for painting than a home that is made entirely of wood, and there may be some other natural materials such as stone that you need to take into consideration when you begin the process.

There are two major considerations to take into account when you begin to decide on your home’s exterior color palette: main color and trim color. Trim often gets overlooked, but it is just as important as the main color because it works to complement and accent to give your home definition. Deciding on the main color and exterior trim takes a bit of know-how. Select colors that come from the same color family. The trim color should generally be the same tone as the main color, just a few shades lighter or darker in order to provide an accent.

Professional or DIY?

DIY Exterior Home Painting

You may be considering painting your home by yourself or trying to decide whether or not to call in a professional house painter to do the job. Although an exterior home painting job can certainly be done by a homeowner, there are several advantages to handing the job over to a professional house painter. Besides the fact that the professionals have all the right tools to get the job done, and know all the tricks of the trade to get the finish just right, they can also advise you on color choice and exterior trim.

Getting Creative

Creative Exterior Painting Ideas

There are a few other areas besides main color and trim color where you can express your style and creativity. Consider your front door, for example. This is an area where you might want to go bold and get a bit more daring, especially since the surface area is smaller. Don’t forget about other exterior features on your property as well, such as guest houses, gazebos or fences. All of the elements should work together to make a color impression that is balanced and harmonized.


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