Everlast Siding Buying Guide: Pros, Cons, And Pricing


The Everlast Siding: An Ideal Choice For Your House?

Everlast Siding

There are many reasons a homeowner should consider the installation of siding on their homes. Since purchasing a house is one of the most significant purchases that people make at times, it is, therefore, essential that you properly maintain it and keep it looking neat and clean. Sidings can provide homes that need updating with an instantly new and fresh look.

Siding can also be of great benefit as it can help you save on your utility bills. It provides your home with a barrier against the temperatures outside, so the temperature inside your house is not affected.

It is fundamentally important for homeowners to pay special attention to the maintenance of their homes if they plan to sell them in the future. To catch the eye and interest of a potential buyer, the house needs to have a functional and attractive outward appearance. To make the home appear more appealing, new sidings can be installed.

There are many home siding options available in the market for homeowners. Exterior choices include materials such as stone, vinyl, brick, steel, cement fiber, and composite siding. A lot of people decide to get vinyl as it costs less. However, vinyl tends to fade over time. Upon the wrong installation, damage can be caused by moisture.

Exterior Choices

On the other hand, stucco can give your home a unique appearance. However, adding stucco can be very expensive as its installation costs a lot. Steel siders tend to rust over time. Hence, it is essential that you properly research the pros and cons of the siding material you choose for your house. Need stucco and plastering? Great! Whether it’s for a home or a business, count on the quality services. Contact Stucco Contractor in Portland today!

One of the best options that can be considered by house owners is Everlast composite siding. Since Everlast siding is made of stone and resin, it tends to be very durable. Since there is no wood included in its manufacturing, there is no risk of it rotting. It is sturdy and offers protection to homes that are located in areas where there are constant storms and severe weather conditions.

Another good thing about Everlast siding is that it is solid-colored. You do not need to paint it, and it does not faint. Even though it does not contain any wood, it has a texture of the wood grain. Also, as compared to vinyl siding, Everlast siding is more than five hundred percent thicker. Hence it does not break or crack easily.

You can get Everlast in a variety of colors. Hence you can easily choose the color that appears the most appealing to you. Also, there are limitless design options available in the market. As compared to the maintenance of wood siding, the maintenance of Everlast siding is low. Everlast only requires a water hose to remove any dust, whereas siding material such as wood needs to be maintained every four to six years. However, if you want extra maintenance for your peace of mind, then you can contact a reputable home improvement company such as Legacy Service USA LLC.

Cost Of Everlast Siding

Everlast Siding

Perhaps, the only con of Everlast siding is the cost upon installation. Compared to other materials, Everlast siding costs more. It might cost you roughly $5-10 per square foot. However, even though it costs more, it cuts out the cost of maintenance.

Cost Of Labor

The installation of Everlast siding is moderately pure, and the statements you end up getting from various contractual workers should typically reflect it as well. It costs you around $2 and $4 per square foot for the installation of standard composite siding, and you can expect the price of Everlast to come in in the same range.

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  1. This stuff faded out wrapped in the factory plastic packaging sitting in my driveway. Not happy and lost a lot of faith in the product, hopefully it doesn’t fade out after I install the replacement material

    • This simply does not work, we have been in the roofing industry for over a decade, horse hockey! https://www.edrroofing.com/

  2. The Everlast Siding product has now been on our house for nearly 3 years without any trouble. We are in western Pa and get a wide range of temperatures and weather. The product has seen blazing sun, rain, hail, high winds, freezing and thaws and has not had any issues. Of course, time will tell but nothing suggests the product will not perform as advertised.

    The benefits of the product are less weight on the frame of the house, no seams that need caulking (or re-caulking), no need to repaint the product after 10-15 yrs as needed for Hardie, no chipping, no water table issues that may be present with Hardie if installed to close to, or improperly installed, ground level, ease of cleaning, color-matched trim, color coordination with Sherwin-Williams, and great support.

    For the benefit of other’s who are considering Everlast it would be helpful if Andy and Tim provided more details around their experiences. I would love to understand why Tim feels it simply does not work since it seems to be working just perfect on our home.

    Quick note, I am not affiliated in any way with Everlast, Chelsea Building Products, or anyone or company involved in building products. I am just a homeowner who evaluated the various products and settled on Everlast. So far so good.


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