Everything That You Should Know About Tile Damage


Tile Damage

Tile material is ideal for home flooring. They come in different styles and sizes but with one purpose, which is to match your overall house design. It can withstand moisture better than the other possible options. Nevertheless, tiles can be subject to water damage that needs to be fixed with the right methods.

Many households experience damaged tiles due to many factors. It could be because of a natural disaster or unwanted elements, such as a high amount of moisture on the floor. No matter what the cause, broken tiles cannot guarantee safety.

You have clicked the right post as tile damage had possible remedies. There are things that you need to know before going through the tips on how to expand the life of your flooring.

Common Signs Of Tile Damage

Though some tile damages are hard to recognize, here are visible signs when tile flooring is in bad condition:

  1. Discoloration

Tile stain is a common sign of wear and tear over the material. The main cause of discoloration could be a water leak making the tiles look bland. This may be difficult to see on darker tiles but be very obvious with light-colored flooring.

  1. Hollow Sound

This sign of tile damage can be tested with a coin or anything that you may tap on the flooring and make a sound. If it produces a hollow sound, it means a leak beneath the tile flooring.

  1. Cracks

Even a small crack must not be ignored upon inspecting a tile flooring. It may be a chain reaction and cause bigger damage if not fixed immediately. In addition to that, no one wants a missing tile on the flooring.

  1. Unstable Tile

Water is the main element that could make tiles unstable. The material won’t stick to the surface when the water damage is already huge. This can trigger injuries if not treated immediately.

Tips To Prevent Tile Damage

Do not wait until one of those signs occurs on your tile flooring before taking action. Proper tile care is necessary to prevent severe damage to your home floor and also all the possible expenses. It can be expensive to repair and replace tiles, so here are tips to reduce your cost:

  1. Clean Spills Immediately

Aside from damaging the tiles, water spill is among the chief reasons for home accidents. This is a common scenario when you live with kids who love to play around.

The best method to eliminate tile damage is to wipe away spills. Use a cloth to absorb the water completely and not generate stains on the flooring. It must be done immediately to control moisture due to leaking.

The danger of not dealing with spills in real-time is that they may ruin the entire flooring in a short period. There are many cases as such things took place and are proven by the experts.

  1. Seal Grout Lines

The grout lines are vulnerable to moisture buildup. That is why sealing the areas is crucial to extend the lifespan of the tile flooring. Apply a high-quality seal that is water-resistant to improve the grout areas.

Leaving the grout lines uncovered will cause you more expenses in the future as the flooring would require frequent repairs.

Damaged Tile Repair

A water-damaged tile can be subject to repair. This is to restore its beauty and guarantee better safety for homeowners. Seeing signs of damage for the first time must push you to call experts to fix the flooring.

Below is a list of methods for mending damaged tiles:

  • Since moisture cannot be visible in the eye, beware of any water leak on the floor instead. If you suspect a little wetness on particular floor areas, do a deeper inspection by removing one tile. So then, it will be easier to determine where the damage may take effect.
  • There is no need to perform a sub-flooring inspection if the water damage is on the surface. A good wash on the tile and grout lines is enough to avoid a more evident moisture buildup.
  • A deeper washing is essential when the sub-flooring has suffered from water damage. This requires removing the tiles to easily dry up the sub-flooring. It gives off long-term benefits, such as no mold growth.
  • A leak is a major problem regarding tile wear and tear. It would be best to hire a plumber to find out the leak source. Experts do not recommend stopping leaks without the help of professionals. It can be dangerous to your health and might add up costs.
  • Professional tile installers also have tools to check the floor condition. They can tell the problem even without removing a single tile. It is likewise less time-consuming on your part.

Final Thoughts

Knowing the possible causes of water damage under tiles can help you stop cracks on the flooring. It may be due to the wrong installation; therefore, choosing experts to do the job matters. Another reason is when the tiles are not well taken care of. Like the other house parts, tile flooring requires proper maintenance to last for longer periods. Simply washing off the tile and its grout lines can make a huge difference. If you see signs of damage, contact experts to inspect your flooring.


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