Everything You Need To Know About Ceramic Coating


Know About Ceramic Coating

Have you ever thought of applying a ceramic coat to your car to give it a lovely looking as if you have just bought it?

Are you wondering if it is worth the price? Is it just a nice look with no functional advantages?

Today, we will give you all the details you need to know about coating your car before making your final decision.

What Is The Ceramic Coating?

In simple words, a Nano-ceramic coating for cars is an extra protection layer applied to your car’s external metal. This layer is made of a liquid polymer that chemically interacts with the painting of the car. It means that the added layer is not a coat that can be removed. Instead, it is a permanent coat on your vehicle’s exterior.

How Is It Done?

The Nano-ceramic coating is composed of very tiny polymer particles that you won’t be able to see with naked eyes. When applied to the car’s surface, these particles interact with the paint particles, creating a strong chemical bond. The car’s whole surface becomes protected with an outer coat, and no pores (even the tiniest ones) are present. Thus, any dust, scratches, or heat are kept away from affecting the car’s actual surface.

Advantages Of Ceramic Coating

Protecting Your Car

As mentioned before, this is a chemical reaction. Therefore, it is tough for such pollutants to penetrate the coat and affect your car.

Preventing Harmful Sun Heat

Extra ultraviolet radiation from the sun can deteriorate your car’s painting. Painting oxidizes as a result of continuous exposure to the sun. The coating will keep your car’s paint as long as possible.

Prevent Etching And Scratches

Since the ceramic particles combine closely with the painting particles, there is no room for scratches. Adding a ceramic coat to your car will give you a car resistant to etches and scratches.

Easy Cleaning

Imagine pouring water on a curved ceramic surface. It will easily slide off both sides. That’s what happens when you clean your coated car. This ceramic coat will add a water-resistant feature to your car. So, water is easily removed when you wash the car, and mud or stain won’t stick to the car’s surface.

Glossy Surface

Finally, coating with polymer gives your car a very attractive glossy looking. This finish will persist on your car for a long time, and you will see yourself in the elegant reflective outer shell you have for your car.

Should I Apply A Nano-Ceramic Coat To My Car?

Well, the answer to this question is it depends.

Although ceramic coats can have significant advantages, not all car owners will feel it. This is not related to a defect in the coat they applied. It is actually because of their car’s condition before applying the coat and their perception of the coating.

To cut it short, apply a Nano-ceramic coat to your car if:

  • You have just purchased your car, or it is relatively new.
  • You take care of your care and wash it regularly.
  • Your car painting is in a good state, and you like how it looks.

On the other side, don’t apply a ceramic coat if:

  • Your car already has some scratches. Note that a ceramic coat will prevent scratches but won’t remove previous ones.
  • You don’t like reflective and shiny paintings on cars.
  • You don’t take care of your care and think that a ceramic coat will eliminate the need to wash it.

Before thinking of such a pricey technique on your car, you need to understand everything related to it. Car coating is just an extra protective layer, but it is not a super solution to all car exterior problems.

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  1. I like that you mentioned that ceramic concrete coating can also help in giving a glossy finish. I’d like to know more about that because I’d like to get a new walkway built outside of my home soon. Getting the right coating for the concrete will surely help in improving its longevity.


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