Everything You Need To Know About Commercial Dryer Vent Cleaning


Commercial Dryer Vent Cleaning

Commercial dryers need great care and maintenance through professional commercial dryer vent cleaning services because they dry many clothes every day. They are also risky to operate because many people are working around them. The employees should always be taught safety precautions to prevent accidents in laundry rooms.

There are many fire cases reported to have been caused by dryers. This is because when these machines stop working efficiently, they begin to overheat. The lint that comes from drying the clothes is very flammable. A combination of lint and the overheating of the machine can lead to a fire break out. So, when is the right time to call professional commercial dryer vent cleaning services? Find out below.

  1. Signs It Is Time To Clean The Dryer

You can observe the dryer to know when you should clean the vents.

  • Increased Drying Time

When lint accumulates on the dryer vent, it reduces efficiency and causes the machine to work less. You will know this if there is increased time for drying the clothes. A remedy for this is getting your dryer vent checked. Removing the lint will allow hot air outside and enable air circulation, hence efficiency, reducing the time to dry clothes.

  • Overheating Of The Machine

If hot air does not go outside, it accumulates in the machine. This leads to overheating, which can cause mechanical damages that are expensive to repair. Cleaning the vent will allow enough air circulation and cooling.

  • Smelly Clothes

If your clothes have a burning smell at the end of a drying session, it is because of overheating. Overheating is dangerous because it can lead to fire breakouts. If your clothes are smelly, switch the dryer off and have it checked.

  1. How To do Commercial Dryer Vent Cleaning

People are advised against opting for a DIY exercise when carrying out a commercial dryer vent cleaning process. The professionals have good experience and knowledge of the vents and have the right cleaning tools. When they come, they will first inspect the amount of lint causing clogs. They then carry on the commercial dryer vent cleaning process using the right tools and return the dryer to its position. Cleaning commercial dryers is a sensitive process that needs to be handled by a professional.

  1. After How Long Should The Dryer Be Cleaned?

Commercial dryers work more than home dryers because they clean heavy loads of clothes. However, since they are designed for drying many clothes, they do not clog within a short time like the residential ones.

You can schedule your commercial dryers 3-5 years after every cleaning session. However, you should call a professional for inspecting and checking if they are okay annually. This reduces the chances of some parts breaking down and reducing the dryer’s inefficiency.

Break down of parts can also lead to overheating, a major cause of commercial building fires. Unlike the residential dryers, these are a bit tricky to DIY when it comes to cleaning them. Always contact a professional to do the job.

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