Everything You Need To Know About Dogwood Trees


Dogwood Trees

The Dogwood is a magnificent ornamental deciduous tree that has adjusted well to life in different parts of the United States., states Tammy Sons of Tn Nursery. The tree will thrive if you provide it with lots of water and sunlight like many plants do. Cornus, or Dogwood, is a genus containing more than 50 species. Various species can have a wide range of characteristics, like different fall colors. From bushes to deciduous moderate trees and evergreens, all species are diverse. The Flowering Dogwood is among the most common species, and you’ve most probably heard of it. The Flowering Dogwood is Virginia’s state tree. It features bright white to light yellow flowers that bloom profusely in the spring. The yellow and white flowers in spring give it an utterly beautiful look.

You can also say it is an all-season beauty because it stands on its ground during summers and winters. The dazzling white or pink blooms (really bracts) that signal the approach of spring are a huge attraction. Dogwoods may thrive in various soils, although they favor moist, organic soils. They will profit the most this way. Also, consider a location that receives at least some shade. Receiving 100 percent sunlight will stunt their growth. While full sun encourages development, the green leaves look more compressed and tinier. Stay with at least 50 percent shade unless that’s the look you’re looking for.

The Kousa dogwood and red dogwood plants are treated in the same manner as the ones mentioned above. Dogwood is derived from the term “dog-tree,” first used in English 1548. Water is the one exception to Dogwood’s otherwise stellar track record of adaptive strengths. This flowering tree grows along riverbanks or streams, but it will struggle to flourish in regions where the soil is permanently moist. In semi-arid to dry regions, the Dogwood does not thrive, and if grown in such areas, it will almost probably require irrigation. If you give your Dogwood the hydration it needs, it will be as faithful as man’s best friend.

Whatever you’re looking for, there’s a Dogwood for you. The Blackfruit Cornel, for instance, is a California native with tiny yellow-green blossoms and the red fruit that becomes black when mature, hence the name. Dogwood is also supposed to come from the word “dagwood,” which refers to the use of the tree’s slender twigs to make daggers. They are medicinally very significant for generations; because the bark is high in tannins, it is used to relieve pain, fevers, body aches, nausea, weakness, profuse sweating, uterine bleeding, and incontinence with crushed bark or leaves.

Best Time to Harvest: Mid-March to May

Light: Full sun

Water: Drought tolerant when established

Zone: 2-9

Height at Maturity: 40 feet tall

Sun Exposure: Partial shade in full sun

Ship as: Bareroot

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