Expert Tips For Styling Your Room With A Rug


A well-chosen rug can pull together all of the essentials in the room and turn them into an elegant and modern rustic design like a pro. Rug styling 101 takes you on the adventure of choosing the best rug features and fitting them into your room.

Styling Rugs

You might not be an expert when it comes to interior design, but sure you know how to style your room. Adding a rug to a room that lacks excitement and vibrance will solve the problem just fine. That alone could be enough to decorate a room; however, you need to make it compelling and complement the other features and furnishings. There are different ways to decorate a room with a rug, and here we will talk about the best of them and how you can take advantage of each style.

Bring Harmony

The right rug will give a balanced and harmonious feel in every room. The muted and soft sheen tones of the neutral rugs provide the right amount of texture and color in the living room and complete the entire outlook of the design and scheme patterns. While more patterned rugs give a sense of play and character in the room, in an eclectic look, you want to have all of the colors complemented and fitted accordingly. A geometric pattern in the strong-color shade can inject the right amount of professionalism and formality, while blue and yellow colors provide an inviting and warm feel.

Anatolia rugs are perfect for colorful areas as they come in subtle colors and interesting oriental patterns, which will bring a rustic, sophisticated, and warm feel to the room. Covering the chic floor in beauty and performance is the ultimate achievement in interior design. And having rugs with such ornamental patterns tones to mouthwatering effect.

Support The Scheme And Include Layers

It might sound obvious, but you need to have an interior design where the entire scheme is supported, whether it is a single feature or an entire corner of the room. Adding soft and patterned rugs bring a sense of feminine energy and airy space of formality. In case you have a small rug and you want to use it in a larger space, you can use layering, i.e., put the rug onto a carpet and create a focal point in the space. The larger rug can be in a neutral shade, while the smaller one can have highlighted patterns and designs, noticeable when a person makes an entrance.

To support the scheme also means to inject some pattern and color in the hallways and staircases. Using a bold rug is perfect for the hallways since you will be moving across spaces and will never get tired of watching it as you go from one room to another. The trick is to keep the details simple and have a sunny entrance with a smoky backdrop and vibrant rug.

Visual Pathways For Connecting Spaces

I can think of thousand reasons for adding a rug in the hallway. However, it’s essential to keep the scheme in your house connected so that you don’t feel like you’ve entered the wrong house when entering from one room to another. Since the hallways have the tendency to look dead and monotonous, you’ll want to consider a rug that will be a connection between spaces, in this case between the rooms in your house and every little corner behind it.

Add warmth, so the corridors don’t look sad. By placing rugs with similar colors or styles, you’ll need unity of features interconnected and visually appealing. So, whenever you turn your head, your eye will be drawn from one space to another. Fun fact, rugs absorb more sound, so if they are placed on hardwood floors in your house or apartment, they would be of great use!

Decorate Open Plan Spaces

The issue with open spaces is that the furniture may look a bit lost or like a ship at sea. You can use rugs to reinforce design and zone out any empty places. Anchoring your furniture will help you get the desired outcome, and having a nice, cute area at a part of the open space at your house will reduce your stress levels every time you look outside and enjoy nature.

Use Antique Rugs

The thing with antique rugs, and mind me when I say this, is a top-tier interior design that you can incorporate into your home style and decor. We often tend to choose a rug based on the room’s settings and features. How about you add an antique one that would give the perfect backdrop and mixture of depth and modernism at the same time.

A traditional interior is rich in history and works well in contemporary and historic homes. So, what if your interior design is more modernistic? You can find a balance implementing a traditional approach in the scheme and adding a finishing touch.

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