Express Love this Valentine’s Day Through Flowers

On February 11, 2017 by Lauren Bracy

This Valentine’s Day is a day of expression of feelings. What better to express your feeling than flowers? Roses are called the flowers of feelings for a reason. Each color of the rose symbolizes a different feeling.

Here’s How You Can Use Roses To Express What You Feel In A Beautiful Way

  • Red roses represent Love and Romance. The red rose stands for true love. It has appeared throughout history and across various cultures as both a political and religious symbol as well.
  • Yellow stands for friendship, joy and get well soon wishes. Throughout history, the color yellow has been closely associated with the sun and thus, these roses are excellent for cheering people up. Yellow roses are meant to send a message of appreciation and platonic love sans the romantic subtext of other colors. The color represents feelings of pure joy and delight.
  • Lavender stands for enchantment, majesty and love at first sight. The color purple has a traditional association with royalty. In this regard, shades of lavender roses depict an air of splendor and regal majesty.
  • Pink stands for love, gratitude and appreciation. Pink carries with it the connotation of elegance and grace, as well as sweetness along with poetic romance. Light pink roses are associated with gentleness and admiration, and can also be used as an expression of sympathy. Dark pink roses are symbolic of appreciation and gratitude, and are a traditional way to say thanks.

Beautiful Couple With Flower

  • White stands for purity, innocence, sympathy and spirituality. Early tradition used white roses as a symbol for true love, an association which later became the hallmark of the red roses. White represents unity, virtue, and the pureness of a new love. That’s why white roses are also known as the bridal rose and is a traditional wedding flower. White roses are also associated with reverence and honor, which also makes these roses a fitting memorial for a departed loved one.
  • Orange stands for desire, enthusiasm and passion. A literal mixture of yellow and red, orange roses were seen as a bridge between love represented by red roses and friendship symbolized by yellow roses. They can be used for expression of fascination, or a gift to say ‘I’m proud of you.’
  • Yellow with Red Tip stands for falling in love. Red depicts love and yellow depicts friendship. Thus a red tipped yellow rose symbolizes the start of falling in love with someone. It can be perfect for the occasion of expressing your love to a best friend to convert you friendship into something deeper.
  • Peach stands for appreciation, closing the deal, let’s get together, sincerity, gratitude and modesty. It is also a flower used for professional relations. Mainly used to congratulate each other for closing a deal or signing of a new agreement between two parties.

Roses by the Numbers:

Valentine’s Day with Flowers

  • 1 rose of any color signifies utmost devotion.
  • 2 roses entwined together communicate “Marry me”.
  • 6 Roses depict a need to be loved or cherished.
  • 11 roses assure the recipient they are truly and deeply loved.
  • 13 roses indicate a secret admirer.

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