Extra-Special Housewarming Gifts For New Grads


Do you know someone who’s graduating from college this spring, and moving from the dorms into his or her very first grown-up apartment? Maybe you would like to give them something a little more special than the typical houseplant or big box store gift certificate. Why not choose a gift that will help them make the transition from college life and develop some useful “adulting” skills? Read on for a list of extra-special combination housewarming and graduation gifts!

A Decent Set Of Drinkware

Set Of Drinkware

There’s no better way to tell your little brother or younger friend to ditch the plastic Solo party cups and mismatched mugs than to gift them some beautiful new glassware. Depending on what their preferred drink is, choose a set of stemless wine goblets or some hand-blown rocks glasses.

You might not want to invest in the highest-end crystal champagne flutes unless the recipient is extra responsible, but there are plenty of budget-friendly choices that will lend a touch of class to their bargain-brand.

Some Luxury For The Living Room

Modern Art For Living Room

Sure, something is comforting about one’s old, beloved SpongeBob SquarePants fleece blankie, or that so-ugly-it’s-actually-cool crocheted granny square afghan. But one easy way to elevate a living space while still keeping it super cozy is with a couple of soft throws and matching or coordinating throw pillows.

Home decor stores and discount department stores are an excellent source for these. Or teach yourself how to arm knit with giant yarn for a fun DIY gift!

Light Up Their Life

Decorative Candles

For a gift that keeps on giving — in the best possible way — try a candle that contains a surprise. First, your friend will get the benefits of relaxation and aromatherapy from a delightfully scented soy-wax blend candle.

As they say on infomercials, however: but wait, there’s more! As the candle burns down, a beautiful piece of sterling silver jewelry will slowly be revealed. Don’t worry; the jewelry is safely packaged in heat-resistant foil and will be in perfect condition when the recipient receives it after burning the candle.

Once they have uncovered their treasure, they can use an included code to discover just how much their new bracelet or earrings are worth! Check out a video and browse the candle selection at JewelCandle.Com.

An All-Purpose Rolling Cart

Rolling Cart

It may seem odd to describe a rolling utility cart as “beloved,” but that’s the most appropriate descriptor for IKEA’s Raskog cart. Heck, you may already have one — or half a dozen — in your own home. If so, you know exactly how versatile these little three-shelved babies can be. Not familiar with it? Pick up two, then — one to give to your new grad, and one to keep.

We can almost guarantee that they will use this gift for years to come. Why? Well, it’s sleek, chic, and so handy. You can use it in the kitchen, as a night table, on the patio or deck, like a rolling bar cart, for cleaning-supply storage, to stash personal care products and extra towels in the bathroom…the uses go on and on.

Don’t have an IKEA around? There are plenty of similarly styled carts available that are just as useful and inexpensive.

The Takeaway

Think back to when you were a newly minted grown up, struggling not just to furnish and decorate your first place, but to make it feel cozy and comfortable. Then let those memories guide you as you choose new-grad or housewarming gifts that are practical, indulgent, or both!

What’s the best (or worst!) housewarming prezzie you’ve ever received? Let us know in the comments section!

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