Factors to Consider Before You Install an Air Conditioning System in Your Home

On May 20, 2016 by Preeti Shah

If it is unbearable summer and you do not have an air conditioning system in your home, then life becomes almost next to impossible. The same goes for your car air-conditioning too, as air conditioner is no longer a thing of luxury, but it has become a thing of necessity in most of the hottest countries of the world.

Air Conditioning installed

  • Air conditioning, as the name suggests, is altering the property of the air in an enclosed area to make it more suitable for human living.
  • The use of air conditioning is primarily in the places that are occupied by the humans such as the homes, the commercial buildings such as offices etc.
  • When you talk of air conditioner, in general terms it refers to a device that is used to lower the temperature of an enclosed space bringing about an alteration in the humidity levels of the air.
  • Also the air gets filtered in getting cooled, so the quality of air that is available to breathe also gets improved.

How does an air conditioning system work?

Air Conditioning Installation

The air conditioner works according to the mechanism that is used for refrigeration. The refrigeration cycle is used in the air conditioner in which the air is sucked in through a filter and this air circulated in contact with a coolant.

  • After a long cycle the air becomes cool and this is now released into the room.
  • In this system there are two parts. The first part is the one that is visible into the room and is responsible for the cooling of the room. The other or the second part is the one that remains outside the room and releases heat.
  • This is actually the main unit of the air conditioner and has a system of pipes that contain the coolant. It is this part through which the air from the room circulates, and is again thrown back into the room when it gets cooler.

What are the types of air conditioners that you find in the market?

air conditioning unit

Broadly speaking there are two types of air conditioners available in the market and they are

In market, you will find the indoor air conditioners as well as the window air conditioners, the ducted and the ductless ones. The window and the indoor are the types that are effective but the indoor AC has the heated unit placed outside the house or on the roof. This eliminates the noise and heat that is produced from the close vicinity of the people living in the house.

The difference in the air conditioners is also seen in the way they do the cooling such as

  • The Refrigerator style
  • The evaporation style or free cooling style
  • Air conditioning is the only means to get respite in the areas that experience high humidity. The places that are closer to the sea or the areas that receive heavy rainfall and have heavy relative humidity need to install air conditioning units in order to achieve cooling as well decrease in the humidity levels.

 Due to general rise in temperature all over due to the effect of the global warming it has become mandatory for almost every house hold to get installed at least one air conditioner in their homes. This enables the inmates of the home to have respite from not only high heat and humidity, but it also helps them work more efficiently and more productively.

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