Fantastic Tips For Keeping Bathrooms Sparkling And Clean


The bathroom is a difficult space to keep tidy. Your tub has dark mold forming on the caulking and a ring of soap scum on the bottom, your showerhead is coated with a chalky layer of build-up, and your toilet is a problem area on its own. Don’t let your bathroom become an eyesore — follow these fantastic tips to clean it.

  1. Your Tub

Best Air Bathtub

Minerals in the water combine with your soaps to form a scummy texture on the porcelain surface. It looks terrible and spoils your bathwater.

You can maintain your bathtub with a mixture of white vinegar and warm water inside a spray bottle — most household cleaners are alkaline instead of acidic, so they won’t do the trick. Spray the bathtub and let the solution sit for fifteen minutes, then scrub it off with a soft sponge.

Since the bathroom is full of moisture, it acts as a breeding ground for mold and mildew. If you notice black spots on the tub’s caulking, put some bleach on top of it and scrub it with a soft-bristled toothbrush. Bleach disinfects the area and keeps the bacteria at bay.

  1. Your Showerhead

Shower Head

Hard water deposits will do more than create unsightly white streaks around the rim of your showerhead. The build-up will limit the shower’s flow, so you have to wash your hair under a drizzle instead of a consistent stream of hot water.

The easiest way to clean your showerhead is to tie a plastic bag filled with white vinegar around the head and let it soak for twenty minutes. After the soak, turn on the shower to flush out the broken-down deposits and rinse away the strong vinegar smell. Then wipe the head clean with a damp cloth. The fixture should be sparkling and working correctly when you’re done.

  1. Your Toilet


To make your toilet shine you should start by pouring chlorine bleach into the bowl and let it sit for ten minutes before scrubbing the interior and flushing it down. Then, use a disinfectant cleaner on the outside surface, wiping down the rim, the seat, the cover, the tank, and the handle.

Another essential factor of a clean toilet is a clear drain. A blocked drain will lead to plumbing dilemmas like overflowing bowls and messy floors. If your toilet water is spilling over the rim, shut off the water valve and call a company like Sewer Squad to fix it right away.

If you notice sure warning signs, you should call up plumbers to stop toilet catastrophes before they happen. Take note of slow flushes, gurgling noises and frequent clogs that are difficult to plunge. Go to this trusted company’s website to get more information about other warning signs and how their trained experts can get your home plumbing working again.

The worst thing that you can do for your bathroom is neglect it. Space is full of moisture and bacteria, so the mess can get out of hand quickly. Incorporate these fantastic cleaning tips into your weekly routine and get those fixtures sparkling.

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