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If you have been keeping up with the trends with real estate, then you must have heard about the talk of the town already: mobile homes. An entirely constructed home that is delivered to you on wheels? No doubt it’s taking over the real estate world as fast as Lightning Mcqueen. Kidding aside, some people seriously make money off their mobile home sales.

Mobile homes are already manufactured or prefabricated houses. These homes are built inside a factory and are usually installed with removable wheels so it can be easily transported and delivered to a buyer. Mobile homes are made to be easily relocated. So, when a mobile homeowner wants to move to a different state, he or she can easily bring his or her home.

If you have been planning to sell your mobile home or thinking to invest in one and sell it eventually, keep reading to know the most frequently asked questions and the corresponding answers about mobile home selling.

Can Real Estate Agents Sell Mobile Homes?

Yes, they can. However, real estate agents can only sell mobile homes that are real properties – meaning, the sale should also include the land that the house is standing on. If this isn’t the case, the manufactured home is considered personal property or movable property and cannot be sold by agents.

Do You Need A Property Title To Sell Your Mobile Home?

In selling your home legally, you have to fully transfer the ownership rights to the buyer. If you do not have the title of your mobile home, you cannot sell it. So it is advisable to get a property title first before selling your mobile home.

What Documents Do You Have To Prepare Before Selling Your Mobile Home?

Aside from the property title, there are a couple more documents that you need to have for a smoother and faster transfer of ownership once your house gets sold. Acquire the bills of sale, home taxes, and home occupancy documents beforehand. Keep in mind that the required documents vary in different states or countries.

How To Increase The Value Of My Mobile Home?

Just like selling regular houses, increasing the value of your home needs time, effort, and a little bit of cash. As always, curb appeal matters in selling homes, and that includes mobile homes. Put a little work on improving your yard as well as the exterior and interior features of your home. You can repaint it with a fresh coat of paint or make small appliance upgrades. Increasing the value of your mobile home not only helps in getting higher offers but also helps in attracting buyers faster.

How Can I Sell My Mobile Home Fast?

There are a lot of things to consider for you to sell your house faster. First is deciding if you want to hire a real estate agent. Having an agent to assist you will make the job easier for you. They can take charge of everything, including finding prospective buyers. Choose an agent that is experienced in selling manufactured homes. Upgrades can also help close the deal faster. Right pricing is also a key in this – make sure not to overprice or underprice.

Another thing that can guarantee you a faster sale is if you sell your mobile homes to companies that are buying and selling mobile homes. There are companies like US Mobile Home Pros who purchase mobile homes at any condition and price. US Mobile Home Pros, for example, only purchase the mobile home without the land so you wouldn’t need a realtor in the first place. They can also assist you with all the preparations and processes that you have to go through, like getting a title, if you do not have one. Us Mobile Home Pros also has the platform to connect both sellers and prospective buyers. This will make the process of selling your mobile home a lot faster.

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