Farmhouse Sinks Are A Design Trend Toward Utility And Old World Beauty


One of the most popular kitchens and bath home remodeling trends involves features that embody retro and farmhouse-style fixtures. The allure of the simplicity of kitchens and baths of the past is inspiring some of the most beautiful and unique new interiors. Sinks have always been the centerpieces of utility rooms from old frontier houses, to ultra-modern estates. A return to the rustic look is a refreshing facet of modern design.

The Distinguishing Features of A Rustic-Inspired Sink

Rustic Inspired Sink

Rounded porcelain basins emerged from the introduction of luxury imports into the common home. The attractive rustic basin, in contrast, was built to match the room and provide utilitarian uses. Farmhouse and lodge sinks are becoming more and more popular because they are attractive and can be used for many things.

High Quality Kitchen And Bathroom Sinks

Common rustic sinks are made from high-grade stainless steel and enamels. Basins are usually extra deep and have simple plumbing connections. Instead of couture faucets and basin lips, these sinks have simple drains, wastewater outlets, and long-necked faucets. Side-by-side basins are also common.

High Quality Kitchen And Bathroom Sinks

The reason this style of sink is gaining a modern appeal is an inviting design that allows homeowners to do more work at the sink. More people are gaining an interest in gardening. Washing produces and preparing food is easier in a farmhouse sink. Environmental concerns are eliminating inefficient dishwashers. More people find it enjoyable to tackle a deep, full sink of dishes. Interior kitchen and bath designs are also leaning toward natural materials that are darker in appearance. Steel and stone farmhouse sinks are the perfect match for this theme.

Farmhouse Sinks Are Much Easier To Install

Farmhouse Sink

Many modern sinks have components that require special attention when connecting to plumbing lines. Some even require an electrician for automated features. The addition of a farmhouse-style sink is simple. In some cases, they are DIY projects.

Hahn Sink

Many sink and fixture companies are introducing sink styles that have rustic simplicity and looks but are made from the best modern materials. Hahn Sinks, for instance, has a diverse line of double basin stainless steel sinks that can be countersunk into modern countertops, yet still, have a rustic appearance. They also have models that are made from metals like copper and have extremely wide and deep basins. These models accomplish everything that a designer requires for a rustic finish. They are also very comfortable to use for the active homeowner.

Bisque Sink

The kitchen, a bath trend toward farmhouse fixtures, and features are worth exploring. The inspiring designs of the past are still attractive and useful. They also work well with interior designs having modern mass appeal.

Hahn Chef Series Extra Large 70/30 Double Bowl Sink

A quick survey of online showrooms will reveal an ever-increasing choice of sinks that fit the farmhouse trend. Interiors are getting darker, but they retain a positive living space spirit. This is due in part, to the beautiful addition of a farmhouse-style sink, along with similarly-inspired features. Another benefit of this style of sink that is worth mentioning is lifespan. Farmhouse sinks tend to be fashioned in one piece patterns. Combined with quality materials like stainless steel, copper, and stone, these sinks can take a beating. They are beautiful, trendy additions that will last as long as the homes they serve.

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